Kill La Kill

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Ryuuko Matoi is a fiery, feisty girl on a vengeful mission: she’ll find her father’s murderer at all costs, with only a giant red scissor blade as a clue to the villain’s whereabouts. Using the item as a weapon, she fights her way into the terrifying Honnouji Academy to track down a lead, unaware that the institute is brutally governed by a student council that’s anything but ordinary. Wielding special “Goku uniforms”, the group, led by president Satsuki, uses superpowers to keep the student body in check - but things are about to change now that Ryuuko’s in town!

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RoyalOss's avatar
RoyalOss Jul 13, 2014
Score 9/10

Ill (try to) keep this short... To describe Kill la Kill into 3 words: ''over the top''
5 seconds into the show it goes full throttle an it rarely takes it food of the gas. Over the top action, over the top comedy, over the top (stereotype) characters. Unfortunately also over the top (semi) nudity. But still over the top entertainment.

Girl (Ryuuko) has recently lost her father and is... read more

ratchet573's avatar
ratchet573 Mar 25, 2014
Score 7/10

Here’s another anime where, sadly, I got so caught up in the hype train that I failed to see it in as excellent a light as the fans do. I’m going to call this Attack on Titan Syndrome. The fandom overhypes the shit out of it, and what you actually get is something that is—for the most part—good, though flawed enough that I wouldn’t remember it a few years from now if not for... read more

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