Kill La Kill

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Ryuuko Matoi is a fiery, feisty girl on a vengeful mission: she’ll find her father’s murderer at all costs, with only a giant red scissor blade as a clue to the villain’s whereabouts. Using the item as a weapon, she fights her way into the terrifying Honnouji Academy to track down a lead, unaware that the institute is brutally governed by a student council that’s anything but ordinary. Wielding special “Goku uniforms”, the group, led by president Satsuki, uses superpowers to keep the student body in check - but things are about to change now that Ryuuko’s in town!

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Coeco's avatar by Coeco on Jul 12, 2014
Score: 3.5/10

Story: Kill La Kill is in essence, the spiritual successor to Gurren Lagann. A series considered to be one of the most "successful" animes ever produced In Japan and critically acclaimed pretty much everywhere else. So writing a second piece of work to meet the expectations of the fans was no easy task to do as both the director and the writer are from Gurren Lagann.   The story in Kill La... read more

THETrashMan's avatar by THETrashMan on Aug 8, 2014
Score: 5/10

A decent enough anime, entertaining enough, but a bit too "forced" for my tastes. It is like it's trying to hard, witch characters that I simply didn't find interesting or multi-dimensional (best example would be Satsuki), a horrible comic relief (Mako), pointless nudity, silly plot and crappy animation. It does have a few saving graces (mr. Nudeest Beach), but overall I simply cannot rate it any... read more

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