Kiki's Delivery Service

Alt title: Majo no Takkyubin

Movie (1 ep x 103 min)
4.292 of 5 from 22,781 votes
Rank #354

Kiki is a young witch who has just turned thirteen, and as tradition dictates she must now leave the safety of her home for a year to undergo witch training. One clear night, Kiki takes off with her cat Jiji and her mother's broomstick to start her new life, and finds herself in a town near the ocean - but she's disappointed to find that people aren't nearly as friendly as she'd imagined they'd be. With nowhere to stay and no outstanding magical skills besides flying, Kiki begins to wonder if she's come to the right place; but after returning a pacifier to a customer of a local shop, its owner, Osono, offers her a place to stay. Kiki soon decides that she'll start her own delivery service, and with the help of newfound friends she sets forth on a journey to discover who she is and how to make it on her own.

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AirCommodore Oct 18, 2010
Score 7/10

Kiki’s Delivery Service is, first and foremost, a children’s film. From the eighties. Also it’s a coming-of-age story, and unless those are done reeeeeeeally well, they can induce a hard-core snooze-fest. But hot damn, it eschewed all these possible pitfalls, and became one of the only ... read more

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roriconfan Jul 22, 2012
Score 7.5/10

Kiki’s Delivery Service is another one of the lovable Ghibli classics and, if anything, it is a simple story done nicely. Although nothing important happens in this film, it is presented in a dynamic and cute way, so it can work just fine for the kid audience. It is quite unimpressive compared to earlier Ghibli works, such as Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind and Laputa – Castle in the Sky but... read more

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