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Have you ever been sick and tired of the world we live in? So much, that you've tried any means possible to escape it? Zed shares the same feelings as we all do. In the smog ridden, and sunless world of Calm, people manage to scrape by on the bare minimum. Fed up with living in this hellhole, Zed looks for an outlet to another world. Beating down and smashing every door in his sight, he hopes that if he believes strong enough, his gateway will open -- open to a place beyond his imagination, and where his life will have meaning. After finally being transported to another world full of nature and endless battles, Zed soon comes to realize that his life of purpose has just begun.

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Name Role
Takahiro YOSHIMATSU Character Design
Hiroshi KOUJINA Director
Jun MIYAKE Music
Naoki SASADA Producer
Eiichi KAMAGATA Producer

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Official Editorial Reviews

Title Author Score Date
Kiba KiraRin 5/10 Mar 5, 2010

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Title Author Score Date
Kiba okami31 6/10 Aug 29, 2012
Kiba roriconfan 3/10 Jul 17, 2012
Kiba Hajime 9/10 Sep 24, 2010
List Title Username Entries Date
vida-anime Slendi 156 Apr 9, 2014
DVD/BD Watching Backlog calaggie 74 Apr 8, 2014
Quiero Ver Edalor 303 Mar 27, 2014
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LisaSmarties watched Kiba at 51 of 51 episodes
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Now and Then, Here and There

Amidst a beautiful sunset, Shu is violently whisked away to a grim future devoid of water, and empty of hope; a place where children are forced to become soldiers, and kill countless others in the name of King Hamdo. Shu's companion is a mysterious girl named La La Ru, who may hold the key to survival. Now, he must concentrate on the only things that matter: escaping Hellywood, and finding a way home.

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Both 'Kiba' and 'Now and Then, Here and There' offer up an eclectic bunch of cultures, all trying to share the same world, yet trying to win as big of a part of it as they can. The dystopic feeling and general melancholy of the main characters and those they come to know has a very similar feeling - although the latter is much more gritty of a reality check.



In a world where creatures known as Pokemon roam and would-be trainers capture and battle the beasts, the young Ash Ketchum can’t be happier; he has finally reached the age when he can have his very first Pokemon! Along with the electrical Pikachu and human buddies Brock and Misty, Ash must embark on a journey to battle countless others and become the best Pokemon Trainer of them all! From the Johto region to the Orange Islands, there’s plenty of Pokemon to catch and adventures to find, even if the infamous Team Rocket stands in the way!

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Umm.... well, in both Kiba and Pokemon, you throw something to summon monsters? xD