Key the Metal Idol

OVA (15 eps)
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Murao Mima has created a robot daughter named Key, but after raising her for a very short time, Mima dies, leaving behind cryptic messages telling Key how she can become human. Key must struggle alone to learn the harsh lessons of life and search for the 'key' to her own dream: the power of 30,000 friends to make her a real human girl.

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CaptainSlow Sep 20, 2016
Score 7/10

What I Liked: Both the OP and ED. The fact this series practically screams "experimental" at times. The final act is quite nicely handled. Has a interesting mix of ideas and themes, using Pinocchio-style motifs to deconstruct Idol culture and hint at the intersection between mythology and science. Pacing is good, if not slow, until the final two episodes. Visuals are solid for the most part... read more

fragrantsnow's avatar
fragrantsnow Apr 23, 2016
Score 8/10

Story The story for Key the Metal Idol is good.  There were a lot of things I couldn't guess at, or that I guessed wrong- and for me that's a good thing because it spoils an anime if I can predict all of the plot events.  Part of the reason I think it was hard to predict was because of how bizarre it all is.  The plot was also interesting, and there are smaller sub plots going on underneath the... read more



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