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Moyashimon: Microbe Theatre Deluxe

Moyashimon: Microbe Theatre Deluxe

Microbes come in all shapes and sizes, and they’re taking over! From those that live high in the atmosphere to the ones deep in the sea, these tiny entities surround us in our everyday life. From Chrysogenum and A.oryzae battling it out for supremacy to Glomus Etunicatum trying to find a new place to live, microbes have never been more helpful – or more fun!

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sothis sothis says...

The Moyashimon shorts are extremely similar to Ketsuekigata-kun - both have scientific bits (personified blood types or microbes) doing funny things in front of the camera. 

chii chii says...

SCIENCE being cute and funny and you might just learn a thing or two, MAYBE! Check em out for a few laughs.



Tadayasu Sawaki and his long-time hometown friend Kei Yuuki are finally away from home and ready to start university. They attend Tokyo's College of Agriculture, and the adventures start from day one! But that is to be expected, as Tadayasu has a special ability that is conducive to adventure and glory, especially in the world of agriculture and biology: the man can see, communicate, and interact with microbes! With ambitious sake-brewing upperclassmen, a sadistic postgraduate, and a clean-freak colleague, things can only become more exciting for the duo!

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Reasons you might like Moyashimon...

LoliTsundere LoliTsundere says...

"Moyashimon" also brings microscopical particles as SD characters to life. While "Ketsuekigata-kun!'s" homour is kinda Japan exclusive because the concept of connecting bloodtype and charactertraits is foreign to the west, "Moyashimon's" microbes have a broader appeal to everyone slithly interested in science. Because of the extended runtime per episode, there is of course a lot of more development, comedy and space for interaction between the microbes and their surounding.