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Are people really defined by their blood types? A, B, AB and O-Type are here to set things straight. Whether they're trying to cross a bridge, sharing their hearts or meeting aliens, the four blood types continue to prove – or disprove – popular theories about themselves. Does B-Type like rules to be broken, is A-Type cautious and naïve, and is O-Type a peacemaker?

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AngelBeatsYui Jun 19, 2016
Score 6/10

Warning this Review may contain spoilers- Who knew that I would rate a short series above average (5 being average for me XD) but honestly this series made me laugh at how stupid it was, this was a short show about different blood types being faced with tasks and how each react. Sadly I couldn't relate to any because I couldn't remember my blood type...but to be honest I could be any of them XD STORY The... read more

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