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Sergeant Keroro, who is ”58th Planet of the Gamma Planetary System, Space Invasion Army Special Tactics Platoon Leader,” infiltrates the Hinata family's home as a preparatory stage to conquer Earth, but is easily captured by Fuyuki and Natsumi due to his inherent incompetence. Keroro ends up staying in the home of the Hinata family thanks to Fuyuki's generosity, or perhaps simply out of his curiosity. As they pass the days Keroro and his four subordinates (or creatures) together plot to conquer Earth, or maybe not.

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seiginohirosan Aug 26, 2015
Score 3/10

Keroro is the 2014 flash series redux of Keroro Gunsou. Because it's a flash series, the episode length has been shortened to 3 minutes, making the full series just over an hour long. I was saddened by this. Story The same as the original (Keroro and his gang attempt to take over Pekopon, only to get into ridiculous situations... read more

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