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Kerokko Demetan

Kerokko Demetan main image
1.575 out of 5 from 33 votes
Rank #5,409


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Name Role
Yoshitaka AMANO Character Design
Tatsuo YOSHIDA Character Design
Masayuki HAYASHI Character Design
Hiroshi SASAGAWA Director
Nobuyoshi KOSHIBE Music
Kenji YOSHIDA Producer
Ippei KURI Producer

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Kashi no Ki Mokku

Kashi no Ki Mokku

One day, the lonely woodworker Gepetto fetches a log and carves it into the shape of a boy; he names it Pinocchio and promises to treat it as his own son.  Gepetto's wish soon comes true when a fairy turns Pinocchio into a boy - albeit still in his wooden form - and gives a cricket the power to speak in order to keep track of the newly-created child. Pinocchio wants badly to become a real boy by whatever means necessary, often becoming selfish in the process and leaving his fairy benefactor to punish him by turning parts of his body into trees. In addition, the townsfolk take advantage of Pinocchio's naivety at near every turn, selling him as a talking tree, kidnapping and forcing him to perform as a circus freak, and tricking him into giving up his money - amongst other things. Can Pinocchio survive these harsh lessons and become a real boy?


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Produced consecutively by Tatsunoko Pro, these two titles are both quite similar - though not overtly. While about two entirely different subjects, both appear at glance to be children's titles, while in reality the main character is subjected to bullying and cruel situations on a regular basis. The tone of one is definitely like the other.