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Kenju Giga

Alt titles: Anthropo-Cynical Farce

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  • Movie (1 ep x 8 min)
  • 1970
1.374 out of 5 from 52 votes
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It’s nearing the end of the scheduled program at a popular dog track, but before the final race of the day there’s a special performance. Enter the ringmaster who promptly attaches fish on sticks to the dogs’ collars and sets them off to race. Unfortunately, the canines just run in circles attempting to grab the tasty morsel, much to the anger of the crowd. As the hounds scramble around in a hunger-driven frenzy and the crowd begin to boo, the ringmaster insists they calm down before proceeding to inform the audience that the way they chase after money is no better than how the dogs chase the fish. With everyone’s anger growing, can the ringmaster’s message get through as the race attempts to continue as normal?

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Name Role
Kihachiro KAWAMOTO Director
Kihachiro KAWAMOTO Producer

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Main Characters

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As a young girl sets out on a typical train journey, she spots an advertisement for travelling the world and decides to visit far away lands. After disembarking from her plane, she stops to admire some classical sculptures when she encounters an old blind man who leads her through a labyrinth of gravity-defying staircases to the top of a tower. However, the girl soon realizes that despite the gorgeous artwork, not everything in this fantastical world is as beautiful or as welcoming...


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Aside from both of these being short animations from Kihachiro Kawamoto, they are both fairly heavy watching that have you trying to figure out the message.