Kemeko Deluxe!

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Ten years ago, Senpeita Kobayashi fell in love with the girl of his dreams; she left his life, but promised that in ten years she’d see him again and become his bride. Fast forward to the present, and Senpeita is a typical student attending Akebono Academy. That is, until the wide-eyed tiny robot Kemeko crash lands in his bedroom and proclaims herself to be Senpeita’s new bride! As if things aren’t strange enough, Senpeita soon discovers that inside Kemeko is a beautiful girl – a girl who has an uncanny resemblance to his lost love! All Senpeita wants is to be a normal boy, but now he must keep himself out of the way of flying fists, raging jealousies, and battles between Kemeko and Mishina – a global corporation that has a vested and dangerous interest in Senpeita!

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juniorakakpo's avatar by juniorakakpo on Feb 29, 2012
Score: 4/10

i like ecchi anime because of the jokes that comes from it like the start of to-love-ru where they end up naked in the locker and the girl the guy loves sees them i like thar kind of jokes alot but here there is a hot girl inside a fugly robot and the nice girl's Personality turns into a freak with costume fetish (for her self not him) y maybe some other ppl would like this kind but for me its fustrating so if... read more

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