Kekko Kamen

OVA (4 eps x 21 min)
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At the Spartan Institute, students have access to a quality education -- at a price. The headmasters are lecherous old men, the punishment for poor grades (if you are female, that is) involve removing clothes forcefully through a variety of means, and for girl named Mayumi the torment never stops! Who better than to save the day than Kekko Kamen, a mask-wearing superhero who wears nothing but... her birthday suit?! With villains to deal with such as an S&M femi-nazi and a samurai who removes clothes with his sword, Kekko Kamen has a lot to handle, breast jokes aside!

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sothis Feb 6, 2005
Score 1.5/10

From the mind of Go Nagai comes Kekko Kamen, a series that proves that that man ABSOLUTELY CANNOT GET LAID. Seriously folks, over the years I've watched a lot of Go Nagai works, and every single one seems to follow the same kind of format. Super ecchi, super inappropriate at times, and never very good. Kekko Kamen is a new low as far as I'm concerned, not just for Go Nagai, but for any other series... read more

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thor123 Feb 23, 2016
Score 5/10

Before starting this anime, I wasn't actually expecting anything good. Heck, it was chosen as an event for the Damn, That Anime is Bad club for a reason, and going by the only two reviews this site had at the time - one scoring it 1.5/10, the other 5/10 - and the average AP-score of less than 1.8/5, you shouldn't expect anything... read more

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