Kekko Kamen

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At the Spartan Institute, students have access to a quality education -- at a price. The headmasters are lecherous old men, the punishment for poor grades (if you are female, that is) involve removing clothes forcefully through a variety of means, and for girl named Mayumi the torment never stops! Who better than to save the day than Kekko Kamen, a mask-wearing superhero who wears nothing but... her birthday suit?! With villains to deal with such as an S&M femi-nazi and a samurai who removes clothes with his sword, Kekko Kamen has a lot to handle, breast jokes aside!


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sothis's avatar by sothis on Feb 6, 2005
Score 1.5/10

From the mind of Go Nagai comes Kekko Kamen, a series that proves that that man ABSOLUTELY CANNOT GET LAID. Seriously folks, over the years I've watched a lot of Go Nagai works, and every single one seems to follow the same kind of format. Super ecchi, super inappropriate at times, and never very good. Kekko Kamen is a new low as far as I'm concerned, not just for Go Nagai, but for any other series... read more

KiraRin's avatar by KiraRin on Jul 13, 2009
Score 5/10

As a hardcore ecchi anime fan, I find there are very few "naughty" shows I turn my nose up at. In fact, they're usually a great way to sit back, relax and have a good giggle at the completely mindless fun bouncing around on screen. Part of the problem now is that originality in this genre is extremely difficult to find, especially when watching some... read more

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