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Keitai Shoujo

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Hiro is a single young man, like many other high school boys of his age; and like other boys of his age, he has a casual relationship with five girls: Ichiru, Sayo, Miya, Momoka, and Ayano. Childhood friend Ichiru loves dinner dates; Sayo is compassionate towards animals and plays classical music; Miyo is popular and gets ample attention from the boys; Momoka is constantly harassed by children on her way to school; and Ayano is skilled at archery. With so many unique traits and quirks, Hiro has to be interested in at least one... right?


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Name Role
Mayumi WATANABE Character Design
Tsutomu YABUKI Director

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Keitai Shoujo and Memories Off are very similar, bearing a similar animation style (the protagonists even look vaguely alike), and a similar idea: each episode explores a possible relationship with a different girl.