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Honest opinions and my fav animeby UnicornFatboy

You can find something for everybody i hope,its not ranked

Drunk Animeby alp2va

Fellow user mao7ms and I watch a lot of anime while drinking. Sometimes we do it to make a good show/movie better. But usually, it's an excuse to watch anime that we think can only be best enjoyed while drinking. Here's our on-going list of anime we...

Top 10 Comediesby Ritslou

My Favorite Comedies In Order

School Girls Comediesby Ritslou

A List Of My Personal Favorite Comedies About Girls In School Or Clubs.

Anime Watched In 2017by kimbeey13

A list of the anime I watched in 2017. My goal is 50 series/movies this year (though that might be a bit excessive as shorts don't count, nor do series I started before 2017.). This list will be updated as I finish series and movies and will be...

Definitely watch againby Texasluke1

anime that i've seen that are so good I will definitely watch them again.

You may want to Reconsiderby Bonvantius

You've been told there are better shows to watch, but is that really true?

My Favorite Anime of 2016by kimbeey13

All the series I watched that aired in 2016 from my favorite to least. This list is based solely on my own opinion and anime preferences. (List still under construction)