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Katte ni Kaizou

Katte ni Kaizou
3.116 out of 5 from 611 votes
Rank #2,497


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Manga Name Year Relation More Info
Katteni Kaizo 1998 TBD
Name Role
Hiroki YAMAMURA Character Design
Akiyuki SHINBO Director
Ruka KAWADA Music
Koji KUMETA Original Manga Creator

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List Title Username Entries Date
2011 BlackWings 17 Mar 16, 2014
anime order 10th rounds YamiRin 1136 Jan 20, 2014
Want To Watch Anime NatsuIgneel95 438 May 17, 2013
Post Name Username Comments Date
katte ni kaizo Sadieus 0 Jul 25, 12
d3v4st4t3 watched Katte ni Kaizou at 6 of 6 episodes
ShiroTheWitcher is watching Katte ni Kaizou
Hiram rated the Katte ni Kaizou anime 2.5/5 stars
Hiram watched Katte ni Kaizou at 6 of 6 episodes
KuroKami69 rated the Katte ni Kaizou anime 4/5 stars

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Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei

Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei

Life is simply not worth living for down and out school teacher Itoshiki Nozomu. He has no hope of progress, no prospect of promotion, no chance at happiness… he is in despair! Even his name spells 'zetsubou' – 'despair', when compressed. But when the time comes to end it all, Itoshiki's attempted suicide on the first day of the new school year is foiled by relentlessly positive Fuura Kafuka. This saves Itoshiki long enough to meet his new class, and the quirky range of students under his care. Will Itoshiki Nozomu depress his students with his anguish? Or will Fuura show Zetsubou-sensei the joys of life and hope?

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Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei and Katte ni Kaizou are two Kouji Kumeta works with a very similar art style and sense of humour. Katte ni Kaizou is much more offensive, but if that doesn't bother you then you should be good to watch either if you liked one.


Well, its one of the Kumeta's work, with very similar art, and both animated by shaft, the main characters are very single minded, strange and stubborn, so you can spect a good quality show (albeit very random and escatologic sometimes), but its worth the watch and see the evolution from the early Kumeta to the one we all love and praise for the creation of Hitoshiki Nozomu