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Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn! Mr. Rebokku no Ciao Ciao Interview

Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn! Mr. Rebokku no Ciao Ciao Interview main image more screenshots
3.861 out of 5 from 801 votes
Rank #949


Masquerading as the "mysterious" magician Mr. Rebokku, Reborn has decided to conduct group interviews using a flashing roulette wheel to select the candidates, and the quirks are far from over. With each question based on a theme, if the guests’ responses are deemed too boring by their host, then they are doomed to a merciless fate. With Reborn using his powers to force unwilling participants to answer according to his ideals and their survival at stake, just who will emerge victorious from Mr. Rebokku’s "interviews"?


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Anime Name Type Year Relation More Info
Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn! TV 2006 TBD
Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn! Special Web 2010 TBD
Name Role
Masayoshi TANAKA Character Design
Toshihiko SAHASHI Music
Akira AMANO Original Manga Creator

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