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In the wake of a rebellion that shook Japan twenty years prior, Togame Hida, general director and strategist for the army, seeks to obtain the 12 "deviant blades" created by master swordsmith Shikizaki Kiki to help add stability and security to the Bakufu government. To aid in this endeavor, she looks to enlist the help of Yasuri Mutsune, head of the Kyotou-ryu school and hero of the rebellion. But when she arrives on the island where he lives in exile, she finds him dead, succeeded by his skilled yet slightly daft son Shichika. Undeterred, the two set off from the island in search of the swords armed only with Togami's sharp strategic mind and Shichika's powerful, swordless Kyotou-ryu.

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VivisQueen's avatar by VivisQueen on Feb 12, 2011
Score 9/10

Katanagatari has no right to be as grand and engrossing as it is considering its impressively banal premise. A mysterious woman called Togame turns up on a lonely island to recruit the martial artist ... read more

Osiummaster's avatar by Osiummaster on Jun 24, 2015
Score 5/10

**SPOILER ALERT** So if you actually think about it all that shichika was made for was apparently to just kill the shogun since they confirmed he didnt show up after that anymore. This means that instead of creating 5000000 swords and doing all that FUCKING BULLSHIT he could have just assasinated the shogun since the whole anime in itsself doesn't have a point. God I hate it when an anime is... read more

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