Kasimasi Girl Meets Girl

TV (12 eps)
3.057 of 5 from 4,492 votes
Rank #3,137

Hazumu is a shy and quiet boy who loves flowers and is forced to rely on his tomboy childhood friend Tomari as a bodyguard. Yasuna is the prettiest girl in school but she avoids men like the plague… until she meets Hazumu. Encouraged, he confesses his love; heartbroken, he heads for the mountains to be with his flowers. As if Hazumu’s troubles aren’t enough, his day is further ruined when an alien ship accidentally kills him. Luckily, alien technology exists that can revive him, but not without a price: Hazumu returns from the dead, but in the form of… a cute girl?!

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ThePatches's avatar by ThePatches on Nov 25, 2009
Score 6.5/10

Watching Strawberry Panic!Aoi Hana, and Blue Drop can lead you to think that shoujo-ai anime is serious business. Fortunately, Kasimasi: Girl Meets... read more

angelsreviews's avatar by angelsreviews on Aug 6, 2013
Score 4/10

Um, wow. This is um… something a little different then what I have ever seen before. I give the show props for an idea, but an extremely lousy way of making that idea bare fruit. The story feels shallow, the execution is bland, the English voices are a mess, the animation is just standard fan fair. I would of loved if they got into the physiological aspects of a man turning into a women a bit, but they... read more

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