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Nai’s friend Karoku is missing, and the only clue to his disappearance is a mysterious bracelet. One day while travelling, a young thief named Gareki saves Nai from a monster and takes an immediate interest in the trinket he carries, as it is the insignia of Circus, an elite group who travels the world capturing notorious criminals. Together, the two decide to track down Circus and see if they’ve taken Karoku, but luckily, the group finds them first. Unfortunately, they have no idea who Karoku is or why he had one of their identity bracelets, but in the hopes of getting to the bottom of the matter they offer their assistance. Now, Nai, Gareki and their new friends set forth to find Karoku, but with more questions piling up each day will it be possible to achieve their goal?

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triviper's avatar by triviper on Jul 2, 2014
Score: 4/10

Spring 2013 Anime Review - Karneval
- Eps 7 when the tank broke... the water physics were absurd…
- Bit too homo for my tastes, has its moments
- Feels like vampire knight in a few ways
- Gets better as it progresses
- Should have wasted less time at the start and allowed more time to expand on what happens later
- Perfect anime to recommend for LGBT
- Anyhow, the ending was... read more

KingArthur13th's avatar by KingArthur13th on Nov 23, 2013
Score: 4.6/10

I normally don't write a review about an anime I dropped but I already read the manga so I'm really confident about my review.
Story: (30/100) Allow me to try and explain the plot of this series. Karneval is about a boy named Nai who is searching for an old friend and his search brings him in contact with a young pickpocket named Gareki. These two are soon thrown into a battle between the supernatural... read more

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