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Alt titles: Chibi Vampire

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3.772 out of 5 from 12,434 votes
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Karin is a vampire, but as fate would have it she is a freak among her own kind; for Karin doesn’t drink the blood of her counterparts – she is cursed to be a blood maker, forcing her to inject her extra blood into her victims. What’s worse is that if she doesn’t find an outlet for the blood in time, it explodes in a massive nose bleed of impressive volume. In Karin's twisted day-going state, she finds it nearly impossible to find safe victims; so, nose bleeds are a major problem. When transfer student and new classmate Usui Kenta proves to have exactly the kind of emotions her vampire nature most enjoys, she finds herself in comedic dire straights!

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Manga Name Year Relation More Info
Chibi Vampire 2003 TBD
Chibi Vampire (Light Novel) 2003 TBD
Chibi Vampire: Airmail 2009 TBD
Name Role
Yumi NAKAYAMA Character Design
Shinichiro KIMURA Director
Masara NISHIDA Music
Yuna KAGESAKI Original Manga Creator
Yuji MATSUKURA Producer
Makoto CHIBA Producer
Soumei TANAKA Producer
Tomoko SUZUKI Producer
Yoshito DANNO Producer

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Title Author Score Date
Karin angelsreviews 5/10 Jul 18, 2013
Chibi Vampire angelsreviews 5/10 Jul 18, 2013
Chibi Vampire maron 10/10 Jul 19, 2011
TsubakiYuki watched Karin at 24 of 24 episodes
d3v4st4t3 watched Karin at 24 of 24 episodes
pikachupacabra dropped Karin anime at 1 of 24 episodes
pikachupacabra dropped Karin
johnpaulIII rated the Karin anime 3/5 stars

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Rosario to Vampire

Rosario to Vampire

Fifteen-year-old Tsukune Aono is average in every way; he has no hobbies, less-than-stellar grades and he's even flunked his high school entrance exam. His parents have managed to enroll him in a school, but it's no ordinary school! Tsukune will be attending the Youkai Academy, a place where monsters learn how to co-exist with humans! As the werewolves, vampires, witches and other monsters are required to retain their human forms, Tsukune - the lone human - is able to avoid their bloodthirsty gazes. However, he quickly attracts the attention of a number of devilish beauties including the vampire Moka, a busty succubus and even a young witch! It seems Tsukune's average life isn't so average anymore!

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bothe have vampiers both have humans that fall in love with them both have plot twits both have comady and both are made of win and awsome


Both Karin and Rosario to Vampire center around the romantic involvement of a human and a vampire. They both have problems adjusting to the stark differences between humans and monsters, and are a little on the kawai side. Rosario, howerver, is a harem style set in a monster school, while Karin is a slice of life set in a human school. Either way, laughter and endearment abound in both. Anyone enjoying one would almost definitely enjoy the other.


Both series are about human boy and vampire girl. Althrought Rosario to Vampire have a little more action, both anime have comedy and romance elements. If you watched either of this anime - you should definitely think about watching the other.


Karin and Rosario to Vampire both have a simliar plotline. Both of the vampire leads are girls and the person they love isnt their species and usually an enemy! Also both of these stories deal with magic or mystery so you would also love this series! Romance is defintely in both!


I recommend Karin and Rosario to Vampire because they are both based off of vampires/monsters. Both of these have lots of comedy and love scenes. The main focus is high school students dealing with everyday things in life well at least for monsters. Somehow a human male gets stuck in the middle of all this chaosin both of these two stories. I wonder how he is going to deal with it?


Karin and Rosario to Vampire are about vampires and both of them are comedy. Karin same as Rosario to Vampire have romance plot between main characters. If you do like one of the anime I do recommend to watch another one.


Teenagers. Check. 

School life? Check.

Romance? Check.

Vampires? Check.

Both of these are very similar in that they both feature teenagers, a vampire chick (albeit very different ones).  Both can be light hearted, and both can be dark.  Karin lacks RtVs Harem, and has substantially less ecchi and fanservice.  

Though the male leads lack much similarity, both are friends of a female vampire, and have to try to deal with the issues that arise because of that.  Different, as Tsukune just get's bitten every episode, Karin rarely bites anyone.  

School life and Vampires.  Both are good, if you liked one chances are you will like the other.


both of these animes are focusses around a vampire and human falling in love and the hardships about it because of the differences. They are both filled with comedy and twists.


Both animes are about a vampire girl who falls in love to a classmate in a typical school setting. They are very funny but have also a great romantic story.


If you like vampires and drama of diffrent kind you will love this two animes. Karin is a vampire with diffrent problems and rosario to vampire is about problems of an other level. But if you like one of them you will to 100% like the other to. They have there own charm.   Drama, Love, Funny.


Both animes involve a school setting, its fouce on a vampire girl and human boy falling in love and the hardships they have to make their love come true. Some difference is that one is Ecchi and Harem and the other isnt. If you liked one than you will like the other too.

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Ryuuji Takasu has an eventful life: his classmates think he's a delinquent due to his 'killer' eyes; his crush Minori seems ever out of reach; and he’s just had an unfortunate encounter with 'palm-sized Taiga' – a feisty and dainty wench in his class. With different cleaning habits and tempers, the two clash like night and day; that is, except for the fact that Taiga and Ryuuji have crushes on the other's good friend! With school rumors abounding, the duo must now work together to play matchmaker for each other. Who will end up with their true love?

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I am completely baffled to why Karin is not a/the top recommened anime for Toradora, and vice versa. Aside from the plot, and setting, I must say, watching Karin was like watching a more subtle version of Toradora, being that the male is coerced into helping the female, then a blossoming love between the two ensue. First, Ryuuji is a FREAKING complete clone of Usui, aside from a few differences. Ryuuji and Usui are both poor, lack fathers, have a strong desire to help the heroine, have hot moms, calm and collect, have the desire to be a model citizen, HARD WORKERS, and have weird eyes; just to name a few. Also, I should note that both animes consists of love triangles, and such. I swear, if you liked Toradora, you will like Karin, and vice versa. I swear, watching Karin gave me a sense of nostalgia.

Also, I should note that Karin/Chibi Vampire isn't feminine at all. It is indeed a shoujo, but mainly because Karin is the main, main character, hence, we see everything through her eyes.


Toradora! and Karin are similar in setting and underlying humor (mostly stemming from the character's awkwardness), as well as in characters.

The leading males of each are extremely similar. Both are self-conscious about their eyes and their home situation, and both were raised by single mothers who can't get over the fact that their husband/baby daddy left them because of their unborn child. Each have strong work ethic and, when they see the main female in distress, they go to extreme lengths to help them out.

They're also similar in the leading female's best friends. Each have a best friend that consistently cheer them on and help defend/protect them to the end. However, they both also fall in love with the person who's in love with the main female, and despite the fact that it pretty much crushes their soul, they don't take it out on the main character. They just accept it and continue to cheer them on, despite extreme personal turmoil.

Toradora! is more real-world than Karin and the main females have nothing in common, aside from both being in 'bad' situations, but the feel of the other characters and the way they interact is quite similar. Each have family-related odds they need to overcome at the end, which of course they do, before they can become romantically invovled with the leading male.


ToraDora and Karin are quite different interms of storylines. But both anime involve the protagonists, who are first seen as just classmates, slowly discover their affections for each other. The relationship between the couples are quite similar throughout the anime. For example, they share secrets between each other they must protect. They also have to help each other out becuase of thier secrets/issues, which brings them closer together.Both anime have some elements of comedy and a not-too-significant love polygon.


Both are romantic comedies with a lot of awkwardness. Furthermore, the male leads areextremelysimilar; They have scary faces while being kind people underneath, their families are alike and both of them work hard.

Tsukuyomi -Moon Phase-

Tsukuyomi -Moon Phase-

All Morioka Kohei wants to be a regular photographer, but all he ever seems to capture on film is ghosts! With 70 percent of his photos inhabited by the undead, Kohei has managed to gain not only a reputation, but also a job at an occult magazine. Things couldn't be more "normal" until he is sent to a obscure castle where he photographs a mysterious girl with a knack at disappearing, thus piquing his interest to return. And thus, Kohei sets out on a journey that takes him into the heart of the occult, on a mission to help the cutest vampire in existence find her long lost mother!

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Both Karin and Tsukuyomi have romance and vampires, although their plot lines are somewhat different, and the location and styles are different as well. If you liked one, you'd like the other because they combine two elements: vampires and romance.


Karin and Moonphase are anime that show us that vampires can be cute! Both series are romantic comedies with vampire-human relationships. The humor is similar in both; they mainly focus on the vampires' need for human blood for survival. So if you liked one you will probably like the other.


Both anime tell the story of a girl who is a vampire going against vampire laws. Each heroine eventually meets a boy who will make her life more interesting, taking her away from her family's standards and protecting her from the outside world. Both anime also have a romantic tendency, and deal with the impossible love between a vampire and a human. In different ways, these two series contain lots of comical situations caused by the vampire's behavior.


If you liked Tsukuyomi -Moon Phase- you'd also like: Karin or vice versa; both anime's feature a heroine that are cute and not creepy which is usually the case in most stereotypical vampire stories, in addition both main characters are somehow different from normal vampires.

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Having failed to earn admission to a university, Hideki Motosuwa has moved to the big city, determined to study his hardest for next year's exams. However, an unusual distraction presents itself one unsuspecting day in the form of Chii, a robotic young girl that has been discarded in the trash. In a world where an increasing number of people turn to these 'persocoms' for company, the bonds and limits of human relationships are tested as flesh manages to fall in love with the machine itself...

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Both shows are about falling in love and over coming differences. Esch main person has their problem which at first stops them for getting the person they love and then show us them over coming this problem.


At first glance these two shows have little to relate them to each other aside from both being romantic comedies.

Chii is extreamly passive, Karin is extreamly active. Kenta is depressed, hardworking, and kinda scary where Hideki a bit flakey.

But they both pull you into the story. They are both very touching, and they both have a moment that pulls you to the edge of your seat and make you want to shout "Kick his @## Chii/Karin"


Both animes are romantic comedys. and the main charectors find themselves in a forbidden relationship. i find both of these series to be extremely echii

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Fruits Basket

Fruits Basket

Tohru Honda is a compassionate girl who is down on her luck. Her mother having recently died, she has been forced to camp out in the woods for shelter. However, things start to turn around once she is invited to live with class hunk Yuki Sohma and his family... but all is not as it seems! Yuki's family is burdened with a dark curse which causes them to turn into the animals of the Chinese zodiac once hugged by a member of the opposite sex... and Honda may be the only one who can help them.

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Having a secret to hide from the world, both Fruits Basket and Karin explore the relationship behind one who finds out the truth. Throw in your general comedy and interesting families, and a decent storyline and you've got a match. Well worth watching.


Fruits Basket and Karin both deal with families and their magical secrets, and dealing with outsiders that stumble upon them.  Both families also have access to magical memory removal, and so they touch on themes of memory as identity.  Karin leans more in a shonen direction and deals with sexuality (metaphorically), while Fruits Basket is strongly shoujo and generally platonic about relationships, but they both have a similar emotional tapestry.


Like Karin, Fruits Basket contains a naive, but loveable main character and a guarded secret which often results in humourous circumstances and moments. Both are just very cute and sweet.

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