Kare Kano

Alt title: His and Her Circumstances


Custom Lists

Stuff I rated 9 or 10, that isn´t garbageby AverageBorisToo

Somebody once told me anime is absolute cancer and doesn´t deserve to exist, but there are some, that aren´t too bad and so I made a list of those, that I wouldn´t consider cancer.

Romance Animes that doesn't seem to be on other listsby LittleTeahcup

Let's just say it doesn't have Ao Haru Ride.....actually..not too much romantic drama...well maybe a little

Interesting unpopular anime that need to be watched (it's not really a top)by ikitsune8

Most are masterpieces or near masterpieces, and hard to watch

English Dub Availableby demicaractere

This is a list of anime with English dubs that are found easily with a little research. Fan dubs are not included.

English Dubbed Romance Animeby angelbabv

This is a list of English dubbed romance anime. I've listed them in alphabetical order.

Favorite Anime!!!by minoriakabe

It's just generally a list of what I believe is THE bests... (Since they're my fav what could I say? ) >_