Kanon (2006)

TV (24 eps)
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It's been seven years since Yuuichi Aizawa returned to the city he once lived in as a child. Though many things happened to Yuuichi in his past, he can only remember bits and pieces. His parents left Yuuichi in the care of Akiko once again, and this time, he will attend the same school as his cousin Nayuki. Many different girls appear before him, and some of them seem to know him from his past. Yuuichi must now recover his memories of the dark secrets that he erased from his heart, before he loses his precious ones.

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therik's avatar by therik on Jan 5, 2009
Score: 7/10

Sayuri and Yuuichi sit in the cafe.. The steam from their coffees wafts through the air which is filled with gentle strings of some classical music. "Do you know this piece?" Asks Sayuri. "It's Canon. Pachelbel's Canon. That central melody repeats itself again and again, as layers are slowly added to the music, making it richer and more beautiful each time." She pauses. "Wouldn't it be lovely if... read more

cherrywolfchan's avatar by cherrywolfchan on Jul 10, 2010
Score: 4.5/10

Not for the Jaded.Kanon centers around a young man named Yuichi, who is moving in with his Aunt Akiko and cousin Nayuri. But the thing is, he doesn't remember anything about those past seven years he had been gone. Memories of people are vacant from his mind. So when he begins to meet others, people who he had known in the past, everything begins to piece together slowly. And that is the main plot of... read more

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