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Kanon (2006)

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It's been seven years since Yuuichi Aizawa returned to the city he once lived in as a child. Though many things happened to Yuuichi in his past, he can only remember bits and pieces. His parents left Yuuichi in the care of Akiko once again, and this time, he will attend the same school as his cousin Nayuki. Many different girls appear before him, and some of them seem to know him from his past. Yuuichi must now recover his memories of the dark secrets that he erased from his heart, before he loses his precious ones.


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Kanon (Key) 2000 TBD
Name Role
Kazumi IKEDA Character Design
Tatsuya ISHIHARA Director
Jun MAEDA Music
Shinji ORITO Music
Yoshihisa NAKAYAMA Producer
Shinichi NAKAMURA Producer
Naohiro FUTONO Producer
Yoko HATTA Producer

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Tomoya Okazaki is a third-year high school student who is generally bored with life and doesn't take his studies, future, or anything else seriously. One day, however, he meets a lonely-looking girl in the school courtyard, Nagisa Furukawa. She explains to him the source of her loneliness: she had missed a lot of the previous school year and thus is repeating her third year; everybody that she knew has already graduated, and she is lonely. Tomoya is rather indifferent at first, but decides that he has nothing better to do and spends increasingly more time helping Nagisa restore the school drama club. As his relationship with Nagisa grows, Tomoya begins to open up to various other people around the school as well...

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The bottom line is that Clannad and Kanon are probably the best harem anime out there, due to the fact that the protagonists are ones that you actually like. Usually in harem anime you feel like punching the main character to death, but Clannad and Kanon make you rethink the harem genre.


Both of these harem series are game conversions from 'Key', animated by 'KyoAni'. As such both series are very very pretty and extremely well-produced.

Clannad and Kanon center around a male high school student (Yuichi in Kanon, Tomoya in Clannad). They are similar in personality: both are quite sarcastic and at times, obnoxious, towards the girls they are surrounded with. There is also a female in each that is the main love interest for the male (Ayu in Kanon, Nagisa in Clannad); they are similar in character design and influence on the male. The plots are also similar; each has a number of arcs related to the girls' stories and how they affect the males' lives.

In short, both of these series are quite similar, and surely if you liked one you would like the other. If nothing else they are beautifully produced and a joy to watch.


Both Kanon and Clannad are based on visual novels by Key and were animated by the same studio. The stories are somewhat similar: the male lead meets some girls and spends time with them while trying to help them with their problems, although sometimes he plays pranks on them.

Both anime have great animation and similar character designs and while there's some humour in the first few episodes, they get really sad near the end of each arc.


Love and despair, bitter and sweet, and acceptance and denial; these are but a few of the recurring themes that form the foundation of Kanon and Clannad. From this foundation arises these two series as they tell the tale of one man whose destiny unfolds before him. Though similar in many ways, the respective heroes of Kanon and Clannad are still quite distinct from one another. As for the heroines, Kanon and Clannad both employ characters based on Moe characters. Interestingly, both series' heroines remain unique to each series. Lastly, the setting and the style of Kanon and Clannad are similar yet unique.

The paradoxical comparison between the two series is indeed seen in a myriad of ways. Yet, for viewers seeking satisfaction or perhaps heartwarming events or even events that can push one to tears, Kanon and Clannad are two sides of the coin. Enjoying one series consequently results in the enjoyment of the other.


Clannad is made by the Kyoto Animation studio, which is the same studio that created Kanon 2006. The protagonists are also very similar, in that they're great guys that are actually worth a damn (something absent in most anime). The characters in both of these series are loveable and heartwarming, as are their stories. In my opinion, both are a must-watch!


Both series share an almost mystical aura about themself. Where dreams and react with reality and miracles happen in the strangest ways. You will find yourself laughing and crying with these two series. And maybe, just maybe make you believe a little more in your dreams and miracles.


After watching Kanon 2006, I had an empty feeling, thinking I would never see an anime like it again. Clannad has done a wonderful job in proving myself wrong. Both series have quite some similarities. Such as the art style, the peaceful opening/ending theme, the sound in general, the cuteness of the girls, the different stories the characters have to tell and how they handle their problems. Both anime have a male lead who is surrounded by girls and their story is told in different story arcs. If you enjoyed watching Kanon 2006 or Clannad, the obvious next step would be to watch the other!


Both Series deal with a male lead character helping different types of girls with problems they may have. The stories both give you a feel for the male character and the female character he is currently involved with.


As many people before me have stated, Clannad and Kanon are similar in that they both revolve around a male lead and they both follow the same stile of developing one girl around the male lead then moving to the next. They both even look alike with some of the characters looking almost identical.

However there is one thing that makes the two series different. While kanon didn't have much humor and stayed serious through most of the arc's Clanned is quite funny with a lot of dry humor thrown into the story.

Thats not to say Clanned isn't serious hell if it wasn't for the humor the first arc of Clanned could have been more depressing the the first arc or kanon.

Bottom line is both are really good anime to watch and if you like one the other should be right up your ally.


If you like Clannad, you'll surely like Kanon. Both series involve the main guy with a large group of girl friends. Not quite a harem anime because the guy is only really interested in one girl romantically. Both series of the same animation studio producing them, high production values, are school slice of life stories, a single character that excels at fighting, extreme amounts of comedy, some sad dramatic parts, crisp and interesting character designs, and a touch of the supernatural. Clannad and Kanon are entertaining whirlwinds of excitement and neither is to be missed.


Both are about one kind hearted guy who makes lots of female friends who have either a very drepressing background or are facing hard times.

Each anime is set to open your hearts and make you cry by showing a slice of life in a emotional way.


Clannad is made by the same people as Kanon (2006). It has the same harem set up at Kanon (2006) and supports its great animation with an equally great plot and character arcs.


Clannad and Kanon (2006) were made by the same creators and thus resemble each in other in many aspects. They're both harem/romance anime with a touch of fantasy and humor as well as some slightly dramatic twists.

Another notable resemblance between the two are the considerably cuter than average girls which I think could very well serve as a definition for moe.


Hmm..what to say? Well starting off things, i loved these animes. I love heart wrenching dramas.Clannad,Kanon, and ef are some of the sadest animes i have yet stumbled apon. if you want your anime to rip into your emotions like i do, then all three of these will work for you.These three animes all have a wounderfull cast of charicters.You will fall in love with most if not all the charicters and there "arcs".


In both Kanon 2006 and Clannad the main guy in each series is trying to help out all of the girls around him. He is also kind of a smart alick with a good sense of humor that says funny things to the people around him and can always make anyone laugh.


Kanon and Clannad are both very similiar. First of all you'll became aware of the same drawing style, but also the romance dramatic storylines are very alike.

In Both Animes the Plot is of a very kind Highschool Student, who makes many connections to female students and until the half the viewer does not realise which girl the main character has really fallen for.

Also in both Storys some flashbacks happen because the main charakter has forgotten some really important things in the past.


Beautiful story with specyfic characters. Real tear - jerker. If you looking for good (ecchi free) romance witch touching scenes you'll love this both animes. On top of that both anime have great graphics and music (same studio).


This is probably the easiest rec I'll ever make. Both Kanon (2006) and Clannad are astounding works produced by Kyoto Animation, and the similarities in style and presentation between the two are enormous. In addition, both flaunt wonderful drama mixed with tinges of comedy and romance (Clannad moreso), which gives them a broad appeal. If you like one, the other is a 110% guaranteed hit.


These two anime are really, really similar. Starting from characters, throug the plot and the dream theme, they are like siblings. In both you will find high school students' life filled with unusal events, a boy with many girlfriends all having feelings for him, and a mystery to be solved with much effort.


Both of these series feature many of the same themes and concepts throughout their length, and are of similar length. If I'm not mistaken they're also both adapted by visual novels from Key and produced by Kyoto Animation. Both deeply involve the watcher in engaging stories, although I think that Clannad's story has a better effect after having played the visual novel. Kanon can still easily be viewed with no playing of the game and is a magnificient remake of the earlier version with very nice animation. Overall, if you liked the themes in one of these series, you'll love the other ^^


To begin with the similarities, these series have male leads who can basically only be distinguished from each other by their hair colour. These guys then go on babbling about how bored they are, while simultaneously hanging out with several attractive girls who seem to take it naturally that this guy randomly starts asking them personal questions. Soon the main character has saved the lives and solved all the problems of these girls and he's officially the exalted hero of the universe.

If you seriously liked one, there's a high chance you'd like to watch the same thing again.


Kanon and Clannad are both great anime based off of visual novels by Key. They both can pull off humor, drama, and romance in an amazing way.


Apart from the reason that both animes are created by KEY. They are both very similar anime, there's a main male lead who are surrounded by girls who likes him and tries to go out with him. Both storylines are rather sad to a certain extent but they always end with a happy ending.


Nothing can really be said here other than if you liked one I can 100% guarantee you will like the other. Both were produced by the same company and are based on H-Games. Both are equally emotional animes and have endings that are superbly done. Clannad focuses more on the relationship of family and Kanon focuses more on friendship. Both animes have a budding love relationship so if you are one for romance or drama you will not be dissapointed.


Clannad and Kanon are KyoAni's productions and it really shows. Following a formula in which a Highschool boy gets to interact and help a cast of girls, both have superb production values through and through. Comedy, romance and in Kanon's case a great dose of drama, these are anime that are very likely to captivate the same target audience.


Both series are VERY alike in the sense that both the main characters are very kind and try to do the right thing, and he attracts a large array of female characters to him, all with very....uh unique personalities and interests, but they are all drawn to his kindness. Both stories progress by advancing the plot by introducing the past of each female character and/or either having the main character help them out in some small way that has deep meaning to each one of them,therefore developing feelings for him or becoming very good friends.Some of these characters may have even met him in the past. Sometimes it's a crisis he has to overcome, or it's to help one of his female friends make friends or overcome fears, they both delve into the supernatural at times and the whole series has one female character that the male lead eventually falls for.


There's something special about Kyoto Animation's work. With many different levels, it draws you into the series with it's beautiful animation, stunning soundtrack and heart wrenching storylines. Both Clannad and Kanon share this magical world created of similiar weaving stories that captivate the heart. They are a perfect combination making you walk every step of the way with their characters, feeling their emotions and listening to their thoughts. Truely remarkable and it's frightening just how similiar yet wonderfully different these two series are.


Firstly, I watched Kanon before Clannad... but having watched both, I can see why people would think that both are similar to one another =)

Firstly, both have really strong female characters that each carry their own special personality traits.  And next, I really liked how they both delivered the ending (even though Clannad has a continuation).  They both presented the main female character to the audience at the beginning, developing their story as a side to all the others.  And finally at the end, she has her own debut and it really won me over at the end =)

I personally enjoyed Kanon's storytelling more, but the main lead in Clannad is definitely one in a million ^^ so definitely if you like one, you should try the other.


At the start: Main male characters are similar, both are making jokes of girls araound em.

In animes there are some fantasy, magic and other things like that. There is romance and lots girls are around Tomoya and Yuichi.

Animes are created by same studio so there is similar animation, draw etc.


I watched Clannad first, and now im on kanon 2006, they are so similar. i thought i would never find on like clannad again, but its like a contiuation.

certain characters look similar, and there is one character in each of the stories that make you want to cry so bad because of the fact that they are so special and they have a horrible, compelling story- still beautiful anyway. i didnt like Air though. too slow.


They have sort of the same feeling in what the events are concerned. They both have a dose of mistery which is in some cases almost overlaping. Also the characters are very much alike and somethims makes you think you are watching the same anime. The graphics are very much alike and good by the way. Last but not least they are made by the same studio, which also made Air TV and Sola I think.


Clannad and Kanon are the best of the harems that I've seen. Great plot, great characters, and great art are evident in both series. If you've seen one, then you should definitely check out the other!!


If you liked Clannad or Kanon, you'd like the other because thier both pretty much the same show with minor differences.

Both feature one extra cool male lead, one stupidly cute female lead, awesome parent characters and a bunch of other cute girls all wanting the leads attention for different reasons.

Both shows deal in a mix of comedy and heavy drama, Clannad being the better in both, they guarantee tear jerking, heart warming and side splitting moments.

Both shows deal with 'dream sequences'.

The difference in these shows is the plot, while they do share the same set up (mini arcs all leading up to a final main arc) they differ obviously in story.

I won't say anything here story wise in either, but if you enjoyed one of these great titles, please, check out the other.


Clannad and Kanon (2006) are adaptions of VNs made by Key that follow practically the same format: The main male character helping out the people around him with their problems. One more thing, if you liked Ayu or Fuuko in one of these shows, if it wasn't for their different obsessions (taiyaki and starfish), they would've been almost exact copies. While both shows offer some comic relief, Clannad is definitely heavier on the comedy part. If you enjoyed one of these, give the other a shot as well.


Both shows are made by the same company, but that isn't the only reason. If you've seen one of these shows and then go to watch the other, you'll notice that the stories use many of the same plot devices. Also to add another bullet-point, they both are the same genre (duh).


They re like the same anime with different characters and a different plot both follows the routes like in visual novel both synchronizes comedy with high doses of drama and a romantic high school life..


Both animes are are animated by the company Kyoto Animation, which does briliant work. And both animes turned out to be really really good harem in my opinion. They're both pretty simular in some ways. As for the main character isn't a pevert like in most harem I have seem so far. They're both pretty level headed and it seems that in both animes they go into extreme detail about each and almost every character that has a main point in the series, which is amazing. They both have their happy parts, and their really really sad parts which keeps things interesting and keep you watching.


Both of these series share many elements in common. The animation style is similar, the story and the romance has many similarities, and even many of the characters have similarities. Both being Key series, they have so much in common it is almost impossible to imagine someone being able to like one of these series and not the other.


If you're looking for that little bit of fantasy mixed in with a romance that otherwise could happen, both Kanon (2006) and Clannad are for you. Fantastic characters and subplots within each.


There is almost no reason that you would like one of these animes and completely dislike the other. The main similarities are obvious, both are based on Key dating sims, animated beautifully by Kyoto Animation, and have a profound emotional effect on the viewer.


Both Kanon and Clannad were originally visual novels written by the studio KEY. Both of these series have touching stories that surround a male lead and several female friends.

While they are both harem anime by definition, they are done in a way that can be taken seriously; neither series is loaded with perversion and/or panty shots like many other harem anime such as Love Hina.

Instead, both of the series focus on developing their story lines; both have touching stories, high quality artwork, and great music. If you liked one, I think there is a good chance that you will enjoy the other as well.


Clannad and Kanon is made in an awsome way. They are both from the same maker, but the storyline of these animes makes it the best. Clannad and Kanon makes an ordinary school day, look like a sad daydream....


Similar in story, art and style of work. Also made by the same group around the same time and is just a beautiful as this one.


The first thing i thought after watching Kanon(2006) was that was like a little brother of Clannad. I mean that it had everything Clannad had but in smaller dose. Clannad has 2 series so it's 2 times more episodes. The main hero in Kanon is very similar to Okazaki in Clannad, he looks similar, his jokes are funny, he's also surrounded by many girls.

After all I would say that Kanon was a little less funny and a little less dramatic but still it's a must watch.

P.S.: The opening and ending aree similar as well. Both animes had almost identical entries before opening (in Clannad it was the girl and the robot and in Kanon it was the talking about a dream)..


they are same lots of ways like they both ralk about the guys forgotten memorys and the city they live in


Both series are excellent adaptions of the key series games with animation by Kyoto. And have great balance of romance, drama, comedy, and overall being emotional. Really if you enjoyed Clannad, or Kanon [2006] I strongly urge you to try the other series.


Both anime are really about love and friendship. Both have a main character wich is a boy, the boy makes friends ( most of them girls ) and helps them with theyre problems. and falls in love with one of the girls.


Kanon is a very simular anime made by the same company. It has a story simular to clannad and the animation is top quality like clannad it touches on many of the same subject and i am sure if you enjoyed on you will enjoy the other. The animation is simular and the story stucture is almost identicle the main charcter are both sracastic and with the mean ways they tease certian girls it brings gout of laughter to many


Both of these shows are in segments about a different girl that the main guy knows. Both have mysterious/magical things that happen to them. One of the segments in Kanon with Ayu and the segment of Clannad about Fuko are very similar. In both shows there is this love triangle vibe from all of the girls. And lastly the animation is quite similar as well.


Both Clannad and Kanon are similar in story, so if you enjoyed one, you may enjoy the other! Kanon 2006 is about a boy who has lost his memory. He returns to a town after seven years to live with his aunt and cousin. In Clannad, the story is about a boy who meets a girl on his walk to school. Something about the girl makes the boy want to tak to this girl. After this, the two highschoolers live to meet many friends, but there may be many obsticles in their paths. In a way, the two stories share very similar qualities. Not only do they share similar qualities, but they are both created by Key and published by Kyoto Animations. Both stories contain comedy, friendship, romance, and just about everything. If you just love, or even like one of these two animes, you will most likely just love the other!


Kanon i watched first, and when it ended i was convinced that i was never gonna watch an anime which would move me in the same way.When it ended i couldnt tell whether i was sad becuase of the emotion in the story, or just because it was over. I watched a few other Animes of similar themes, and still none of them compared to Kanon at all. Then i saw Clannad, and didnt get what all the hype was about. THEN, i watched Clannad afterstory, and not only was it the best Anime ive ever seen, it also made the first series of Clannad seem worthy of all the hype. If you enjoyed any of these 3 animes, you'd be seriously missing out not to watch the others.


Clannad and Kanon is probably the best of their genre, they both got GREAT storys, there's scens which makes you baw your eyes out, both happy and sad ones. Both of the series have similar characters and great ways of building up a "realtionship" to the characters, watch one, watch the other i say!


the biggest similarities is Clannad and Kanon's ... creator, Key, (as well as Air tv, but this is a two way thing.) all of the animes are harems, where a guy is the main character, who 'sovles' mysterious surrounding him. In Clannad, Okazaki ( the guy main character) has to solve, or ... participate in his friend's family problems and such. In Kanon, the main character, Yuuichi, has to help his friends ayu tsukimiya, mai kawasumi, makoto sawatari, nayuki minse, and shiori misaka ( you can look them up under 'characters') if you want to know more, you should watch the anime, it's really good. i'll have to tell you that you shouldn't watch this without knowing Key's great abilities in making many many people ___________. you'll have to figure out what's in the space by yourself, but once you finish it to the end, the answer will be as clear as day.


Both stunning and beautiful with the same atmosphere to them, nothing less then masterpieces for all ages.


These animes are all made by the same company and as such have a 'Very' similar plot, You will notice similar events happening thoughout the anime, However if you enjoyed any of these you will certainly like the others.



Both anime series are extremely similar. From art-style, animation, and character design to the involvement of somewhat magical elements, storyline, and events. If you enjoyed either Clannad or Kanon, you'll definitely enjoy the other.


Both these animes were written by key and come from kyoto animation studios. The lead characters - particually the male protagonist's; are very simalar in personality. Both these animes involve blossoming romance in school. Every character is quirky in their own signature way, and a story to go with each of them.


Instead of repeating what all other recommendations are saying I'll say this: If you fail to agree with them you have to be mentally challenged. Both are about gaining something and having it ripped away thus very emotional at times and extremely good.


As mentioned by many others, both Kanon and Clannad are adapted by Kyoto Animation from visual novels by Key. As a result, the series share a similar art style and feel to them. Both stories revolve around a male lead (Yuuichi in Kanon and Tomoya in Clannad) as he interacts with, and helps, the females around him. Kanon has a stronger supernatural element to it, and Clannad has a bit more humor, but I feel that both of these are well dramas, and that those who enjoyed one would also enjoy the other.


Both Clannad and Kanon revolve around a mysterious world and somehow have the same feelings...seriousness, happiness, anguish, love...it makes you feel so homey. LOVE! (Although I personally love Clannad more..)


Both Clannad and Kanon are near identical, yet with such different plots they will both keep you completely hooked. The two best harem out there.


both stories are very similar

they both start out in such a happy setting

but as the stories progress everything seems to change for the worst

but you knew everyone loves a happy ending

youll be hooked from the first episode


They're both from KyoAni, they have similar animation and feel, and they are both romantic dramas that are very sad at times, yet still have comedy in there.


they have the same "feel", both are about a male student who is a bit sarcastic but has good humor and gets involved with a few girls and helps to solve their problems.

both also have music from key sounds label which provides excellent music for every situation.


Extremely similiar in visuals and music, while stories differ from each other. Excellent animes


Clannad and Kanon (2006), have a very similar feel towards eachother. Both anime focus on the lives of a teenage boy and the various girls around him. He has to chose who he would like to be with, and who he will leave behind. Although these anime mainly focus on school life and romance, they both have a supernatural theme to them in one way or another. For example, both of them have a girl, who they view as a little sister or similar, and get strongly attatched to, dissapear. Also, including After Story, there are even more supernatural themes.If you loved one anime, you are sure to thoroughly enjoy the other one also.


These are so much alike. 1 guy and half a dozen of women. I suggest this to all of those who like the same genre with different settings.


Both have similar music and a rich character development.

Each anime focuses heavily on romance with characters having to deal with a hard past.


They are both very similar, because in both many of the characters have little memory of their past relationships with one another. They are both quite sad, with some very touching episodes, and at other times, hilarious and cute.


I doubt I can say anything that hasn't been already, so I'm basically just adding to the count of people that think if one was well enjoyed than the other is a much was.

Kannon did get kinda predictable about 80% through but thats probably because I watched clannad first and both shows are so darned similar. It's painfully obvious the same heads were behind both anime's

But it's not a bad thing. They both sit well in top 5 places in my opinion of animes in the genre and I wouldn't bother recommending an anime If I felt it were better left   unwatched.


Both stories and their art style are similar.  The main character is a guy who likes a girl but ends up helping others also.


If you like Clannad you will like Kanon (2006) and vice versa, the stories of both series are really similar and both feature harem, romance and comedy, giving them the same feel. They both have a male lead that spends some time with girls and helps them with their problems. Both series were originally visual novels by Key and were later animated by Kyoto Animation, the art is excellent.


Both are adaptations from Key games, Both have very similar visuals, and Both have very tear-jerking moments throughout the plot.


the characters in Kanon and Clannad is alot alike.

The story plot is also very similar to each other. Its much about the town and it's 'curse'.

If you loved kanon, you will love Clannad, and that counts both way around!


If you liked Clannad you'll like Kanon has the same supernatural aspect sort of both have happy endings and comedy they compliment each other I feel


These are two absolutely fantastic animes. Both are romance dramas that start out light hearted and progress into dramas as time passes. They both posses a bit of a harem feel but both main characters clearly choose thier woman in both animes, unlike most harems. Later in the series (After Story, second half of Kanon) they take on a subtle supernatural aspect. You will absolutely fall in love with the characters and the storys are defined and very well done. be SURE to watch After Story, part two of Clannad. If you love a fun, emotional, love story that is more than just heart break, watch them both!


Kanon and Clannad both are Key productions, which is in general an awesome studio, that's why they both are much alike, even though I strongly prefer Clannad over Kanon. They both focus around a guy and many different girls with totally different personalities. That's why they are so fun, because it is nice to see those different persons all acting together.

Both, Clannad and Kanon, also have very dramatic aspects to them, especially the second season of Clannad (After Story). But they both manage to keep drama and comedy in perfect relation to each other, while delivering the feelings of the characters like no other anime in this genre.

The art style is pretty much alike, which is to be expected when published by the same studio.

All in all I can highly recommend both of them and if you like one of them you will certainly like the other as well.


Kanon was Key/Visual Arts first Visual Novel, and i have reason to believe that Clannad had some rehashed character ideas, though not all the way, but if you analyze them all, you'll find some similar traits.  Kanon is't as long as Clannad (that is, if you're counting After Story), but it still has an interesting plot arc.  even though their supernatural plot devices are different, both Kanon and Clannad have some sort of magical forces involved in them, except in Kanon, this magic is a bit more aware and Clannad's is more subtle, like the Illusionary world.  i'm afraid i can't say much more without spoiling either animes, so go and enjoy  :)


if there outside exists anime that will make you cry because of specific moments or situations, no matter if its dramatic or happy moment, these two will deffinitelly make it. Story is absolutely amazing. I've seen 150 animes so far, but these two are my top.

If you haven't seen any of these, dont wait and watch it. If you won't like it, ill take the blame


Both shows are based on visual novels made by the same people. They´re also produced and released by the same studio. Overall very emotional stories. Funny, tragic, and heart-breaking, a rollercoaster of feelings.


Both Clannad and Kanon are great harem animes i've seen so far. They both have sad, funny, happy, and tearshedding moments as well. These animes are a Must Watch for those who haven't watched them yet (if they are looking for interesting animes that is).


Honestly? It's scarily similar. This isn't a bad thing because if you really enjoyed either Kanon or Clannad, you would want to find something along a similar line and this fits the bill perfectly. The right amount of humour to combat the sadness, the adorable progression through the main couple's relationship. This is definitely something to watch, couldn't recommend it higher.


The good ole traits of KyoAni, great animation physics, awesome lighting, and choosing directors and storyboarders to create awesome shows. These two are no exception. With very strong male protagonists and a large cast of female targets, these show won't leave you hanging for drama, be it love or otherwise. They each have their great moments and very touchy scenes that you are bound to want to check out. So don't ignore the other show.


Both have a similar theme with the main male lead in love with the main female lead and some branching arcs with other important female characters in which he helps them and all.Both can be really sad and depressing. 


Clannad and Kanon are both very touching anime. They will tug at your heart and at the same time make you laugh. To like one is to like the other. I hope all anime fans watch both and love them as much as I did.


Both from Key, have similar character designs, sad parts, but comedy parts too. Both are awesome!


Something funny i noticed.. Watch the end of Kanon Episode 24 past the credits, you'll get a little surprise linking these two anime ^_^


Clannad and Kanon are both really touching anime series. Both series will make you want to cry and have really likeable female characters. Kanon has a little bit more supernatural elements to it, but if you like one I think you will like the other.


They both have similar plot styles about high school students facing serious problems and falling in love. Both are very emotional and they even have almost identical art styles.

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The 'girl in the sky' is a legend passed down through the ranks of one special family. Armed with the magical puppet skills he learned from his mother, Yukito Kunisaki follows in her footsteps, traveling from place to place, ever searching for that girl in the sky, ever chasing after that legend. His journeys have led him to a small costal town where he meets a girl that has a peculiar interest in him - could she be the one? As events slowly start to unfold in front of his very eyes, Yukito finds himself amidst a story that spans a thousand summers...

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Both anime share similarities in plot elements, plot discovery, and animation style. Kanon and Air are both 'Hansel & Gretel-type,' tales: they hook you, then every few episodes they give you just a bit more back-story.

Kanon and Air both revolve around 1 male and more than 1 females, usually younger in age ( -Gao- ).

If you like one, chances are high you will like the other.


Both Kanon and Air are based on games by Key Visual Arts, and both have that tearjerking emotional response that entertains not only your mind, but your heart as well.


Kanon 2006 is a full remake of the original Kanon in 2002, but before Kanon 2006, Air TV was created by the same studio. In my opinion, Air TV set the bar for adaptations of romance/comedy visual novels with its high quality animation. Air has one of the best soundtracks to date with a beautiful opening and ending song that many have voted to be one of the best.

Both series are animated by Kyoto Animation and are based on a visual novel by Key. So you will see similarities between the beautiful character designs, the quality animation, the touching story, and good music. These two anime should definitely not be missed.


Kanon and Air have a lot of the same characteristics and styles, mostly because they were both developed by the studio "Key". You'll first notice a trend with the characters' personalities, followed by the stories: both revolve around a main male character who has just moved into town, who ends up living with a mother/daughter pair. Both anime also have characters with similar personality types such as a younger girl who seems to dislike the main male character but actually likes him, a shy girl who gives off a very mysterious but interesting aura, and a girl who has a unique and unforgettable catch phrase (such as "Uguu" and "Gao").

Overall both anime share a lot of the same aspects, and if you liked either you'd be able to easily jump into the other and watch it.


Both Kanon and Air are melancholy love stories with a similar flow and style. Some of the same character archetypes and story elements appear in both, but that is not to say they are rehashes of each other. If you are looking for a touching anime that will put you through a range of emotions and ultimately tug at your heartstrings a bit, both of these will be a great watch.


Kanon 2006 and Air are made by the same studio, they are both charming love stories, filled with true love, sadness and happiness !

Also, they both have sad parts :( but you will be glad that you watched them and you may even cry and possible smile at the same time.

The scenery is astonishing in both of them, the studio shows that they are good at summer settings (air) and winter settings (Kanon). If you watch them back to back, it gets kinda weird to see the same styles used in different climates, but it works well for them.

In Kanon, you get more connected to the side characters, but in Air you tend to connect to the main character. I've always been a fan of sidekicks, so I fell in love with makoto from Kanon.


Kanon (2006) and Air are from the same makers and this shows. Both series have the same genre and the same sense of mystery. Therefore you will probably like both: Air and Kanon (2006).


Kanon (2006) and Air are both by the same studio, and based on visual novels. Both are really emotional and have a mysterious sence about them, if you liked one of them then your shure to like the other aswell.


Driven on a plot based on the past, both anime shows colourful characters that each have a past that they can't seem to escape.

Both anime have romance and adventure, as the main characters look into their pasts to see how they can try solve problems that will definitely ensure they can have a future.


Both of these anime's are created by Kyoto Animation, so this in turn makes the art very similar. So if you liked the art of one, you will surely like the other. The storylines are very similar as well basing themselves around a mysterious character that has mysterious mannerisms. Both of these anime's will make even the hardest of people feel a little sad, and both of them will play with your emotions, but most importantly, both will make you want more more more!


The same creators are responsible for Air and Kanon and it shows: from the character design to the pacing and plot, these are indeed akin titles that should appeal to a similar fanbase. Both are heartfelt anime that compel the viewer to empathize with he characters. However, Air takes drama to a whole different level and becomes downward tragic while Kanon manages to retain a bitter sweet feeling.


High production values? Check. Based on highly successful dating sims made by Key? Check. Lots of cute girls acting cute? Check. Drama that seems to take sadistic glee in hitting you where it hurts? Check!


It is relatively obvious why you would also like Kanon 2006 if you liked Air: Not only do they have the same original source creators and animators, they both deal with roughly the same subject matter, being some of the best 'dating-sim' adaptations there are. Of the Key-Kyoto Triad (Air, Kanon 2006, and Clannad) Air has the most plot-driven story, Kanon the best slice-of-life and moe, and Clannad currently has the best comedy.


I admit that in relation to Air, I LOVED Kanon much more. However, there are many undoubtable similarities between these two anime. For others, if you enjoyed one, I find it that you'll likely enjoy the other.

Both are harem anime that tell their story with arcs, with the main girl popping up here and there. If you enjoyed the fact that Yuuichi meets and helps "solve" problems for each girl along the way, you'll definitely love Air.

If you love the characters (the girls) and how the story is told, or how the story unfolds itself (with and "twisted ending"), you have to watch Air. These two are so alike that it kind of scares me sometimes haha!


Both Air and Kanon follow the same theme... the story keeps going back to when the main characters forgot stuff in the past that were important, however, Air is more elaborately planned at that! And while both anime are guaranteed to bring tears they are definitely an interesting watch with very gripping storylines! They'll have humourous beginings but trust me you'll wanna get that tissue box near you when you reach the later episodes! (especially Air!)


In Kanon 2006 and Air the main girls tend to make funny noises; in Air says ‘gao’ and in Kanon she says ‘ayuu.’ There is a fantasy quality to both of them and they have similar animation techniques. There are also quite a few similarities in plot style and detail.


Kanon and Air are both great anime based off of visual novels by Key. They both pull off drama exellently and show you a great cast of charactes.


These two animes have many aspects in common yet they both have diffrent story lines. Each one has a combination of drama, comedy, and maybe a hint of romance. They tend to get sad at the end of the series but don't let that stop you from finishing. They have amazing animation and made by the same studio.

Both animes have interesting charcters whether its Ayuu who says "Uguu" or Misuzu with her love of dinosaurs, "Gao". If you liked one you would like the other.


There are mysterious stories with each girl around main male character. Animes are about dream what happens in real. Magic, mystery etc. exist in both animes.

Yuichi and Yukito(male main characters) are same. Making jokes to girls around them, being just normal.

Both are made by the same studio so it means animation, draw and other things what are made by studios are similar.


Having been created by the same studio, the artistry involved is remarkable meaning that the only thing that you have to worry about is the plotline and story.  However, both of the series pull this off with ease, weaving a tale that is both deep and magical.


Well, for starters, both Kanon and AIR are a Key animation production, which obviously means that they have a lot in common.

The drama in Kanon and Air is so much alike, both very tear-jerking.

Kanon and Air have the same theme:Memories. Both are a bit confusing and both concern memories.

Both anime share comedy in the same way; an enjoyable comedy.

The genres match and nearly everything matches. So if you like either one of them, you'll definitely enjoy the other.


Both Kanon (2006) and Air go over the stories of different girls with their (often supernatural) problems in arcs, with the male lead helping them out. Infact, these shows are so similar in that aspect, that if you'd forget about the small differences in personalities of the main characters, almost all of the arcs could belong to either shows. If you liked the one, definitely give the other a try.


Both shows are by Kyoto Animation, KEY and Visual Art's. Combining the brilliant visual novel features into the anime, Kyoto Animation captured the brilliant tear-jerking scenes of the visual novels in both of these anime. Kanon has a deep focus on tragedy, and this is shared in Air. Real heart-breaking moments show up in both anime.


Both of these anime were Key series animated by Kyoto, meaning they both have amazing art work, similar story telling style, and an amazing OST. These are both stories that have several side arcs between the male lead and another female before the main story arc, they both have a lot to do with mystical type occurrences, and they are both, overall, excellent series.


Air and Kanon are the series with i much cry, i don ´t remember another characters like the main characters of these animes. A strange girl a curious man, something stupid that not seems anything become something tragic, physical love don´t be the main theme. Cute girls but not sexy girls i think both of them seems one to the other very much 


Both has the same magical element, and the characters will give you the same feeling of being attached to them. If you liked one you will probably like the others.


Both Air and Kanon are set up very similarly. A snarky protagonist, strange girls, in a mysterious town, and an ending that will yank your heart out.


Dispite both AIR and Kanon are masterpieces from key the two share some very simular plots. In Air although it doesnt feature as much characters it has a very sad plot and ending to the show with events involving misizu wheres the events with ayu reflect very well in the same circumstances. the personality on both yuichi and yukito are simular in there own ways although they also differ very well. The great thing about these two animes is key worked very well with emotional attachment, as in Air- you grow very attached to misuzu and feel sorry for her, as you learn about her life its hard not to but the cute child like personality she posses is addorable, its hard not to like her weres in Kanon, you will have several characters this works on, although non are as strong as misuzu you will find it hard not to grow to love the childish but addorable ayu or shiori misaka (i cried on her story). one thing about the two which key did well is they are both tears breakers, if you have never cried at any tv this will make you do so, i have felt sorry for characters in the past but these 2 both without fail made me cry, so keep tissues close by.

its easy to say if you like one you MUST SEE the other.


the similarity between these two souls is amazing, even having seen it before then kanon and air, I felt as if it were air copying failed badly kanon(that is clear, I'm not saying that air and ugly, I'm just saying that there is no comparison between kanon and air) back to the similarities start with the char of characters both good guys who try to help everyone (by chance their help they need only pretty girls younger than he is) the two characters are transferred what else to say good vision for both the anime ...


These animes are all made by the same company and as such have a 'Very' similar plot, You will notice similar events happening thoughout the anime, However if you enjoyed any of these you will certainly like the others.



Both Kanon and Air are supernatural dramas from Kyoto Animation based on Key games.From the start these animes have the same vibe to them, this is largely due to the simalar artwork and harem theme. However neither of these animes are typical harems due to their combination of drama and abstract backstories to each character. Both these stories feature romance and a mixture of emotional scenes, if you enjoyed one you will very likely enjoy the other.


Air and Kanon have quite a few things in common, among those:

1) Both storylines contain chapters, each of them focusing on a different girl character

2) Both have a certain degree of tragedy and drama

3) The animation is exquisite, to say the least and the music is divine.


Instead of repeating what all other recommendations are saying I'll say this: If you fail to agree with them you have to be mentally challenged. Both are about gaining something and having it ripped away thus very emotional at times and extremely good. Air is a bit older so the animation is a bit weaker but still its very good considering its age.


you would like this anime becuz they are just like one another.. they have the same atmosphere and they both have those heart warming touching moments... their also pretty sad.. you may cry but in the end youll ove it even more!!


Same genre, same company, and even though they have completely different settings you'll most likely enjoy both of these because of the lovely characters, beatiful scenery and romantic stories.


Air TV and Kanon (2006) both have the same kind of artwork and similar characters and genres. I don't want to spoil anything from either anime but if you liked one, you are guaranteed to like the other!


Both animes are extremely similiar besides the fact they're from the same studio. They are both about the protagonist coming to a city, meeting girls, and helping them with their problems. Also, in both series, they have a special connection with a certain girl.


Both Air and Kanon ('06) not only feature similar artwork, but also a similar plot as well. Both are dramatic romances that make you care about the characters involved, and leave you wanting slightly more at the end. If you like one, the other is for you!

Clannad After Story

Clannad After Story

Summer break is now over; the second semester has started for Tomoya, Nagisa and the others, and little has changed. Since Tomoya's relationship with his father is still troubled, he continues to live with Nagisa and her family, even if it means getting roped into organizing a baseball team for the family bakery. Life at school continues as normal with Sunohara as carefree as ever; however, when his sister Mei voices her concerns about him, the series of events that follow place a strain on Sunohara and Tomoya’s friendship. Whether it's saving a person from themselves or passing on a message from the past, one thing’s for sure: no matter how tough things get, good friends will always be there to help out.


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In both, Clannad and Kanon you can find jokes, romance, drama and other similar things. Main character is surrounded by girls. There are mysterious characters too just like Mai or Makoto in Kanon and girl in other world or the cat in Clannad After Story.

Animes are similar, just like prev. serie of Clannad with Kanon.


Becous kanon and Clannad after story bith are very dramatic animes. Both animes are about love. In both anime there is many dramatic moments, but the end of story will suprise you.


If you're looking for a damn good cry, go for either of these fantastic animes. These are the type of shows that make you feel so much it's almost impossible not to be moved, it's amazing how much beauty can be found in such tragedy... yeah... get some tissues.


What to say that hasn't all ready been said? Not a lot...Both these animes are the pinnacle of there genre, and two of the best anime you could ever watch. I found Clannad a bit boring at times but still very good, but o boy was it worth watching to get to see After story. Emotions may arise in even the most manly of people, if you feel nothing watching either of these then you probably lack heart.


Both stunning and beautiful with the same atmosphere to them, nothing less then masterpieces for all ages.


If you liked Kanon/Clannad, you'll guaranteed like the opposite because both of them got very much drama and the main character are both males.


These are two of my favorite anime's in the world, on par with AnoHana and Ef. The first twelve episodes of Kanon line up very well with Clannad, but the second half goes with After Story as it is less haappy-go-lucky and much more serious. Both of them are unbelievably well done haremish romance dramas that take on a supernatural aspect and make you fall head over heals in love with the characters. Kanon works with arcs, where After Story essentially follows Tomoya and Nagisa, but otherwise they are extremely similar in character development and personality. Both shows will draw you in, make you cry (After Story a little more than Kanon), break your heart into a thousand pieces, then pick it up and tape it all back together <3 Watch them, I mean it!


i really agree cuz both anime is same genre...an also people rating it as "overrated but i don't really care cuz i  really enjoy it...also the ending will surprise you

Myself; Yourself

Myself; Yourself

After having lived elsewhere for several years, Sana returns to the town in which he grew up in, and quickly begins to reacquaint himself to his surroundings and new high school. While there, Sana runs into his four childhood friends: Shuu, Shuri, Aoi, and Nanaka; but for some strange reason Nanaka gives him the cold shoulder. As he goes about his new daily life, can Sana rebuild his friendship with Nanaka while trying to deal with a troubling secret from his past?


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In both series there is a boy returning to his old friends and finding himself not knowing the whole truth about them. These anime are both about trying to rescue the loved one from danger waiting for her.


Returning to a town you once knew and meeting your childhood friends is the predominant theme in both Kanon and Myself, Yourself. Viewers follow the daily lives of Yuichi and Sana respectively as they unlock their own memories of the past as well as those of others around them. Filled with mystery, suspense, tragedy, humour and realistic situations, both anime are highly recommended!


Each of these series have some love stories going on, but do a good job adding something different from what the standard of this genre usually entails.


Kanon (2006) and Myself; Yourself are both romance / drama anime that, instead of just focussing on the main couple, spends the majority of the time looking into the problems of side characters. If you liked how the different mini-stories got wrapped up in one of these shows, you will most likely enjoy them in the other as well.


In both series, Kanon and Myself; Yourself, memories of the past guides main character back to the place from his childhood, where he once again meets his friends. Unfortunately, those memories aren't complete, and that's the problem he is trying to solve during the story. Step by step, with help from friends, he discovers new things about his and others past. If you enjoyed one of those series and if you really like mixed romance and drama plot, I would recommend you watching the other one too.


Both stories, follows a protagonist that is returning to a town from their past where friends wait for them. Both stories involve romance with one of the friends from the past.


Both animes start off with the main protagnist returning to their childhood and meet old friends as well as meeting new people. The people the protagnist meets; all have underlying emotions and secrets that are below the surface and they all seem to root from the past. In addition the main characters constantly reflect on their past childhood in order to solve the problems in the present.

Both have good comedic relief and also have intense emotional moments that help drive the story forward.


Myself;yourfels is a drama.From the begining is goes very well but it totally F**k up the end. that guy go F**k all his friends(girl) but sadly he die cuz his wife killed him but his girlfriend angry about her best firend is take her boyfriend away from her but that guy wife die after him which is his grilfriend kill it. this story tell me; do not go F**K too many girl.

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ef - a tale of memories

ef - a tale of memories

In a high school setting, there are many people whose stories must be told: Hiro, an aspiring manga artist whose view of the world is "missing a certain color," according to himself; his childhood friend Kei, who is vying for his attention; Kyosuke, a photographer and cameraman who seeks to capture true emotion in his work; the ever-cheerful Miyako, who meets Hiro by chance and immediately becomes attached to him; the gentle Renji, unsure of his aspirations to become a novelist; and Kei's mysterious and quiet sister Chihiro, who seems to be a different person every day. As time passes and they interact with one another more, their paths increasingly intertwine as shades of regrettable pasts emerge.


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These two shows have a really similar athmosphere to them, and both feature really emotional storylines. While ef - a tale of memories has less episodes to it, both series contain multiple "arcs" involving different characters.

This concept allows the writers to tell the main storyline from more than one standpoint, and they did a pretty good job at it in these two shows. If you liked the tragic background, or the simple but really touching storyline of any of these two shows, you'll most definitely like the other!


There are a multiple of different personalities involved in each Kanon 2006 and Ef ~ A Tale of Memories. There is an emotional side to each and tragic plotlines for some of the main characters. The characters are also extremely easy to relate to and in each it is almost effortless to get each characters perspective.


These two almost fairy-tale stories set in contemprorary world, with interesting plot and lovable characters are, for sure, like diamonds among average rocks. Heart moving, deeply emotional storylines accompanied by charming sceneries are what those anime have in common, so if you like these kind of things, just try it :)


These series share a strong similarity in their romance, both centered around it, with a strong sense of tragedy deeply entwined with many of the characters. Also, memory issues plague characters in each of these series. Finally, both of these series have a main character that is reluctant to realize something important to them.


Hmm..what to say? Well starting off things, i loved these animes. I love heart wrenching dramas.Clannad,Kanon, and ef are some of the sadest animes i have yet stumbled apon. if you want your anime to rip into your emotions like i do, then all three of these will work for you.These three animes all have a wounderfull cast of charicters.You will fall in love with most if not all the charicters and there "arcs".


Kanon and Ef share the same warm settings as well as animation, but most importantly, they share the unicity of the characters' stories and create a fantasy-like world for them. While at first glance one could think that the characters don't have much to do with each other, they in fact are more connected than it seems. In the end, miracles do happen. This is a fact beautifully shown in both animes, and where reasoning has no power ,love intervenes. Moreover, they both end happily after each situation has been solved. You should be surprised after watching of how much these animes resemble one another.


These are both extremely beautiful and they really are so similar but still different since one of them revolves around 1 guy and a bunch of girls while the other one tells 3 romantic stories. They both made me feel the same way in the end.

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