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The timid, virginal Kouta is a new student at Kunpo High School; and while others in his situation might be a wallflower forever, Kouta has no such luck – he has attracted the attention of the busty Chizuru, who happens to be a fox deity! However, Kouta’s misfortunes don’t stop there; he’s also pursued by Nozomu, a wolf deity. Between being molested, propositioned, having his face shoved between mammoth breasts or witnessing endless panty shots, Kouta must also attempt to maintain his studies – even though all Chizuru and Nozomu want is to be the one to deflower him first!

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Combicon's avatar by Combicon on Dec 2, 2011
Score: 6.5/10

I think there must be a special place in my heart for ecchi romance harem anime - or perhaps any anime that has been cutely drawn with fairly good animation - as I've seen other reviewers disgusted by Kanokon and all it's ecchi (perhaps if taken seriously - sexist) antics. It's a fairly unique twist (at least from what anime I've seen) for the female to be the more perverse and the one who gets the male into... read more

Quizap's avatar by Quizap on Aug 22, 2010
Score: 6.5/10

Not a bad little drama/ecchi fest. I kinda liked it to be completely honest. I felt bad for poor Kouta a few times but then so damn jealous that I wanted to strangle him. Chizuru was top notch, I actually liked her quite a bit. Nozumu? Nozomu? (haven’t really paid attention to her name) was pretty annoying, I didn’t’ like her much at all. Chizuru’s brother was pretty funny. I liked... read more

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