Kanokon Specials

DVD Special (12 eps x 2 min)
2.791 out of 5 from 1,856 votes
Rank #3,576

Kouta just cannot seem to escape from the persistent advances of his two luscious lady admirers – even when he’s asleep, Chizuru and Nozomu use their “feminine wiles” to wake the poor boy from his slumber. However, when the Kanokon girls aren’t wrapping themselves up as Christmas presents or contemplating the many perverted uses of Valentine’s chocolate, they seem content enough to parade themselves in front of the camera in various states of seduction and undress...

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cassiesheepgirl's avatar by cassiesheepgirl on Apr 25, 2010
Score: 1/10

Story:I must be a failure as a woman, because I didn't realise that there were SO MANY different ways to expose your breasts.Animation:So much bouncing. So many shiny nipples. It's like the shangri-la of boobs! (Though Tamamo's mahoosive nips border on the disturbing)Sound:Plenty of cheesy music to go with the various "photoshoot" episodes, not that any male is likely to be paying any attention to... read more

Combicon's avatar by Combicon on Dec 4, 2011
Score: 5/10

An addition to the Kanokon series of anime, and is perhaps the closest the series ever comes to reaching hentai levels of sexuality. If there wasn't enough nudity in the first twelve episodes for you, the majority of these severa-minute long specials will have a fair amount of breasts, nipples, and ass. There isn't so much a story in these, as the occasional special does have an idea behind it (be it what... read more

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