Kanokon ~Manatsu no Daishanikusai~

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Training with Hinako

Training with Hinako

If you’ve ever lacked the enthusiasm for a daily workout, Hinako is here to help! Once human, she is now a busty anime character and ready to lead the viewer through sit-ups, push-ups and squats. Her scant outfits and bouncing enthusiasm are sure to stimulate the otaku community into shape in no time!

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Szwagier Szwagier says...

Both are OVAs that bring similar level of entertaiment, which is almost none. I think both of them are boring, but  if for some reason you will manage to find one of them amusing, you will probably like the other as well...

Both have no real plot (though they try to fool you in believing otherwise). In both cases the only value left is fanservice (there is more of it in Hinako, but it's repetitve, Kanokon OVA have only a few scenes of it, but they are funny at least).

Both shows are perfect way to torture someone, can be used as penalty for any game, or a trap for naive acquaintances. Also even though I haven't tested it I suspect, they might start being funny after enough beers.