Kannazuki no Miko

Alt title: Destiny of the Shrine Maiden


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Mind F***by Bakemonogatari

These anime will mess with your mind.

Shoujo Ai/ Yuri /Implied Shoujo Aiby ravenrhen

These anime are the best albeit not all of them are really yuri/shoujo ai anime but the genre is implied in them but its not really the general topic and k-on shoujo ai plots best works on fanfiction.

Favorite Anime~by Kazuo

Utapri, Yuru Yuri and Kannazuki no Miko are guilty pleasures. ヾ(⌒∇⌒)ノ Also, I tried to order these but stopped trying. Let's just say they're all awesome and be done with it~ Non Non Biyori is a must watch...

Top 6 Guilty Pleasuresby LizardLaw974

Anime I'm kind of ashamed I like, despite the quality

mind f*** animeby mds244

listed in the order of the most mind f***-ness. i have puni puni poemy first because it was created to f*** with your mind also the only reason i have evangelion so low is because the only mind f*** episodes are the last two but just that is still...

Favourite Mecha showsby W0rmh0leXtreme

If a show has more than one series, I only include my favourite of them, so as not to have the whole thing filled with several shows flooding it with sequels and prequels and shows with only one series being lost amongst them. If there's multiple...

Shoujo-ai animeby designedevil

^_^ simoun, ice, kannazuki - have action holic - funny as hell the rest are more slice of life, slow paced atc ice is an ova(3ep) it was really cool