Kanashimi no Belladonna

Alt titles: Belladonna of Sadness

Movie (1 ep x 89 min)
2.604 out of 5 from 335 votes
Rank #3,990

In medieval Europe, the peasants Jeanne and Jean are in love. But when they finally decide to marry, Jean discovers he is required to pay a tax to the baron; and having insufficient means to pay, Jeanne is raped by the baron instead. After this traumatizing event, Jeanne is drawn by the Devil into a forbidden, occult world of power and lust. Witchcraft, orgies, assaults and surrealism abound in this erotic, psychedelic arthouse film.

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valondar's avatar by valondar on Jan 10, 2009
Score: 6.8/10

There are some anime so strange or screwed-up that somewhere along the line you wonder idly: what the hell am I watching? Way up there among the deranged, the sadistic, the disturbed, and that rather narrow field of animated erotic pictures that flourished in the flash of an instant in the nineteen-seventies, there is Kanashimi no Belladonna. I've seen quite a bit of weird anime - and a fair few of... read more

ohtoriakio's avatar by ohtoriakio on Oct 4, 2009
Score: 9.8/10

I was very glad to have access to this title recently as it was credited by the director (Ikuhara) of my favourite anime, Revolutionary Girl Utena as the movie that got him interested in working in animation. More recently another title (Gankutsuou) credited its visual style to that of Belladonna. Which just goes to show how impressive it is that the textures and patterns from a surreal anime such as... read more


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