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After her grandmother dies, thirteen year-old Kana Nakamachi runs away from home convinced her absent parents will sell her. She tries to find a job, but with nowhere willing to hire a girl of her age without parental consent, she is back at square one. Then, to make matters worse, a young girl called Yume crashes her bicycle into Kana and knocks her unconscious! Following this chance encounter, Kana learns of a job vacancy at the newspaper company that Yume works for and quickly applies. Now Kana has secured herself a live-in job delivering newspapers along with her new co-workers: lively Yume; quiet Yuki; drunken and perverted Haruka; money-hungry Hinata; and grade school deputy manager, Saki. From memorizing her paper route to learning how to ride a bicycle to fixing her terrifying smile, Kana’s new life has only just begun.

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cassiesheepgirl's avatar by cassiesheepgirl on Oct 26, 2009
Score 5.2/10

From the delightful Strawberry Marshmallow and Minami-Ke to the wacky worlds of Azumanga Daioh and Lucky Star, there’s no shortage of cutesy comedies with adorable schoolgirls and little to no plotline. Each new incarnation of this... read more

iLushYou's avatar by iLushYou on Feb 21, 2011
Score 10/10

Story: Interesting storyline that I've never seen before; a group of teenage girls running a newspaper business that is run by a 5 year old little girl with a fiery temper. Animation: The animation is quite colorful, vivid and beautiful. Sound: Good voice acting, lots of emotion. Nice intro and outro songs too. Characters: All characters have a different and distinct personality that each grow little by... read more

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