Kamisama Hajimemashita

Alt title: Kamisama Kiss

TV (13 eps)
4.267 of 5 from 9,312 votes
Rank #351

Nanami used to live in a ramshackle apartment with her father - a man who spent half his time gambling and the other half hiding from debt collectors - until one day the scoundrel ran away, leaving his daughter hungry and homeless. That is, until she meets a mysterious stranger in the park who deems her the new goddess of a local shrine! Unfortunately, Nanami’s new home is occupied by Tomoe, a fox familiar who objects to the presence of a mere mortal and immediately begins to bicker with the girl. If she can manage to form a contract with the troublesome man, he’ll be obligated to accept and help her perform her duties. But there’s a catch: Nanami has to kiss him first, and who’d want to lock lips with that awful guy?!

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Pleppermint's avatar by Pleppermint on Jun 22, 2014
Score 9/10

I thoroughly enjoyed this anime. The personalities of all the characters really shine through and you can almost feel the connection between various characters. It finished on a happier note which is not often usual for animes like this! (I won't say too much) It also shows not to judge a book by it's cover, people can me more powerful and braver than first assumed. I would definitely recommend this anime... read more

deideiblueeyez's avatar by deideiblueeyez on Mar 17, 2014
Score 7.5/10

I myself am surprised that I enjoyed this series as much as I did. Can't make any promises that I would like anything else in the same vein, but the reasons why I did like it will be discussed so here we go! STORY: Right off the bat we are greeted with an old lady narrator detailing how a high schooler named Nanami Momozono is evicted from her own house due to her father's gambling problems and... read more

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