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Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne

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In the Middle Ages, a woman named Jeanne D'Arc claimed to hear God's voice. She led a lonely life and was burned at the stake, despite being the voice to lead France to victory in the Hundred Years War. In today's world, she is reincarnated as Maron Kusakabe, a girl whose mission is to prevent demons from stealing people's hearts. To do this, she must steal any artifact that they possess. Her best friend, Miyako, is a detective looking for the thief, without a clue that she's right under her nose. Will Maron be able to save the world from destruction, or will she be caught red-handed by her friend?

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related manga

Manga Name Year Relation More Info
Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne 1998 TBD
Name Role
Hisashi KAGAWA Character Design
Atsunobu UMEZAWA Director
Michiaki KATO Music
Arina TANEMURA Original Manga Creator
Iriya AZUMA Producer
Taro IWAMOTO Producer
Kouichi SHITSUDEN Producer
Megumi UEDA Producer
Yumi SHIMIZU Producer

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Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne kurosuyuuki 7/10 Aug 22, 2011
Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne inuyasha71235 10/10 Apr 29, 2011
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anime dvd wish list Smartredhead 82 Jan 15, 2014
Good romance animes :) Iopannera 100 Oct 23, 2013
Childhood Memories Sparky282828 9 Oct 5, 2013
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For Niwa Daisuke, turning 14 should be accompanied by romance and the promise of new adventures into adulthood, but instead comes with a surprising revelation: all male children of the Niwa's bloodline inherit the powers (alter ego) of Dark, a phantom thief, upon their 14th birthday! Now, in addition to his ever-present quest to win the heart of his childhood friend Risa, Daisuke must commit acts of thievery (with his doppelganger Dark controlling his body), to steal mysterious pieces of art for unknown purposes. For Daisuke, his growing pains are just beginning!


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Both Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne and DNAngel have the "flashy thief" concept, where the thief sends out a notice to the police. They both have a love story, magic, history, and some sort of relationship regarding angels and devils.
Looking for mysteries and thiefs? This is the right one for you! This is another series that deals with pretty much the same thing as Kaitou though this time the main char is a male and when he becomes the thief he is quite a handsome one ;P so if you like bishounen and great art this is something for you.
Rather then an ongoing plotline between each episode with reletively low filler, D.N. Angel follows the item to steal-for-the-week formula almost each time (which is where many episodes is just our resident thief stealing another piece of art). But fear not, just like Kaitou Jeanne, D.N. Angel has an interesting plot running throughout, an intriguing cast of characters and fantastic magic and action.

Both anime are about kaitou thieves who steal art pieces, and both are also romance-based. Both anime can make you feel the same mysterious feelings, and they also have similar endings (happy endings).


Both D.N.Angel and Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne are henshin anime where the main plot revolves around stealing historical artifacts. There is a surrounding romantic aspect too that interferes with their role as thieves. Lastly, I felt that the plot and character "twists" were similar, leading to a good conclusion.


Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne and D.N.Angel are both very similar. Both shows involve a thief who sends out notice cards before stealing an item. The thief also hides his/her identity, which causes multiple complications to arise. Both shows also include a good amount of romance. Although the romance is used and presented differently in both shows, love is a key element that is needed to continue the plot. If you've enjoyed one, you'll definitely enjoy watching the other.


Both anime are about thiefs who steal art work to save their owners. They both have to hide their celebrity secret selves from their classmates and crushes.


Each of the two anime have, firstly, gorgeous bishies. Secondly, both involve stealing for porpose, thirdly, both are utterly dramatic, and lastly: WHO DOESN"T LOVE THESE SORTS OF THEMES? Kamikaze is my preferred, but I definetly say if you loved one, DON'T go without the other


Both of these have the theif concept where they both claim that they will still something and then come to get it. They may be a bit different but in a way similar.


Both DN Angel and Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne are based on thieves who steal art. They both have a love story behing it also. If you loved this anime than I think you will love the other one too. Recommend it any way!

Full Moon wo Sagashite

Full Moon wo Sagashite

Twelve year old Mitsuki's desire is to become a singer. She has the talent and a beautiful voice, but she also has a throat tumor which threatens to rob her of her gift of song. As if things weren't bad enough, two shinigami inform Mitsuki that she only has one year left to live. However, all is not lost, for they make a deal that if she goes with them, they will help realize her dream by changing her into a healthy 16-year-old, who is able to sing and apply for auditions.

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Both are made by Arina Tanemura. Both series has a strong girl as main character. The character design is also nearly alike. There is love, fun and tragic in both series. Full Moon is singing for the guy she loves, Jeanne fighting for the people (friends, parents) she love.

Full Moon and Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne are very cute and cuddly anime. The art style and story a quite alike with fantasy adventures through the night. They have good soundtracks and there are many tears to shed in both of them.


If you are a fan of Arina Tanemura and would like to see more of her work. Check out this series. Both focus on the main character having some family problems and when they transform, they have the ability to make people happy.


both animes are made by the same person and both are very addicting! I think full moon never gets boring! If you LOVED kamikaze kaitou jeanne you'll absolutely love full moon!

Kaitou Saint Tail

Kaitou Saint Tail

Meimi Haneoka is a typical girl with a not-so-typical double life: by day she attends St. Paulia School, and by night she transforms into the phantom thief Saint Tail! Stealing only items that deserve to be stolen, Meimi takes her orders from the nun in training Seira Mimori. But even with the best of intentions, Meimi can't help but have a few enemies; her classmate, Asuka Jr., would love nothing more than to unmask Saint Tail's identity. However, Meimi can't help but be intrigued by her dashing opponent. Thievery galore and young love await the magical Saint Tail!

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These are both "magical girl" anime with very similar premises -- an ordinary schoolgirl by day becomes a do-gooder theif by night. Both of them deal with freindship, romance, and the problem of having a secret identity. Additionally, both tend to be on the lighter side, mostly fun and upbeat with a bit of dramatic tension interspersed througout.


At both anime's the basics are the same: a girl who is a normal girl at day, but at night she becomes a thief that steals so other people can be happy again. Though, in the background it's very different. If you want a somewhat lighter anime, I would recommend Kaitou Saint Tail, while if you want a story which is somewhat heavier, I'd recommend Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne. In the end, I enjoyed both the anime's very much, and if you like one of these two, I think you'll also like the other one.


Kaitou Saint Tail and Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne are two much alike animes.The main character is a girl and a thief with another identity as a kaitou than normal.One classmate trying to capture the kaitou self.Both revolve alot around the God subject etc...Both contain romance, drama, adventure, Shoujo and more romance..If you like one you'll love the other..If you haven't seen either, Both are highly recommended..


these two anime are so much alike with the stealing and a little romance to be swept off your feet you just can't miss this show

Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon

Life can be tough when you're a teenager. Enter Tsukino Usagi, an average, if somewhat clumsy, junior high student whose voracious appetite for sweets and capacity for tears are offset by her enthusiasm for life. Her normal existence is suddenly turned upside down when a talking cat named Luna comes into her life. Suddenly, Usagi finds herself with the ability to transform into the superhero known as Sailor Moon. Fighting the occasional monster may be the least of her worries, though...

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Both KKJ and Sailor Moon are about a brave girl and her team fighting with evil. Usually the main girl was granted her powers unexpectedly, so she must live a normal life and also hide her true identity. The most alike thing in both series is that the main character from the bad side is a male and it's likely that the girl from the good side will fall in love with him. "Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne" and "Sailor Moon" are loaded with funny episodes with real life scenarios, dangerous fights, and intriguing relationships with the baddies.  


Because the characters and the story plot are so alike.

The main character look almost identical and both animes are from the same production. They're so alike it can't be described in words, you'll just have to watch them both and find out for yourself.


Though they aren't the closest in matches, they are good animes with magic, romance, and adventure. If you're into those things, both of these animes will keep you watching 'til the end. :)

Aishiteruze Baby

Aishiteruze Baby

Whenever Kippei is at school, he has one thing on his mind: girls. From skipping class to cheesy lines, he'll do anything it takes to reel the ladies in, though he never seems to find the right person. But the bachelor lifestyle is soon to change when young Yuzuyu enters the picture. This five-year-old cutie has been abandoned by her mother, and is to be taken care of by none other than Kippei! Unfortunately for the both of them, Kippei has no experience raising a child, so the learning curve will be quite steep...


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The relationship between Maron and Chiaki reminds me of that of the lead couple (Kippei and Kokoro) in Aishiteruze Baby. You have the "playboy gone soft" and the "lonely girl" falling for each other.

Both series ultimately focus on the themes of loneliness, acceptance, and understanding.