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On a day like any other, average middle-school-student Yurie Hitotsubashi got the surprise of a lifetime – she became a goddess! Unfortunately, even with her newfound powers, Yurie still can’t manage to find the courage to confess to Kenji, her crush. With Yurie’s fame comes others’ fortune; Matsuri, caretaker of the local shrine, names Yurie the shrine’s new goddess and becomes her manager – for yen and glory! Along with Yurie’s faithful best friend Mitsue, the trio set forth on an adventure to find out what it really means to become a goddess.

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Szwagier's avatar by Szwagier on Dec 3, 2009
Score: 8.9/10

Shows marked as slice of life usually tend to build up their charm slowly. A combinaton of good music, nice mood and beatiful animation gradually captivate the viewer and make him attached to the series.  But there are also titles like Kamichu. They hit you with brilliant  scene at the very beginning, and at that moment you realize - this  anime is gonna be great. After seeing shy, middle-school... read more

LeGo's avatar by LeGo on Jul 9, 2010
Score: 8/10

Kamichu! Es una de esas que ves sin esperarte demasiado.Por suerte no es asi.Ya en los primeros capitulos se ve que desprende algo especial y que recuerda,irremediablemente a una de las obras del maestro Miyazaki(El viaje de chihiro).Kamichu! es un anime que se basa bastante en la religion.Kamichu! transcurre en la ciudad de Onomichi en la prefectura de Hiroshima,un pacifico pueblo donde la gente vive con otros... read more

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