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3.615 out of 5 from 2,461 votes
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On a day like any other, average middle-school-student Yurie Hitotsubashi got the surprise of a lifetime – she became a goddess! Unfortunately, even with her newfound powers, Yurie still can’t manage to find the courage to confess to Kenji, her crush. With Yurie’s fame comes others’ fortune; Matsuri, caretaker of the local shrine, names Yurie the shrine’s new goddess and becomes her manager – for yen and glory! Along with Yurie’s faithful best friend Mitsue, the trio set forth on an adventure to find out what it really means to become a goddess.

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related anime

Anime Name Type Year Relation More Info
Kamichu Specials DVD Special 2005 TBD Episodes 7.5, 9.5, 10.5 and 12.5 released on the DVDs.

related manga

Manga Name Year Relation More Info
Kamichu! 2005 TBD
Name Role
Takahiro CHIBA Character Design
Koji MASUNARI Director
Yoshihiro IKE Music
Tomonori OCHIKOSHI Producer
Atsushi KAJI Producer
Saeko MATSUDA Producer

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Title Author Score Date
Kamichu! LeGo 8/10 Jul 9, 2010
Kamichu! Szwagier 8.9/10 Dec 3, 2009
Kamichu! flyboy42 10/10 Oct 7, 2009
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d KevPr 54 Jul 4, 2014
Romantics!! Friendships! LOVE! Paprika18 57 Apr 2, 2014
anime order every 10th round YamiRin 1186 Jan 20, 2014
Post Name Username Comments Date
Summer AniMarathon 2010 - Progress so far Omurqi 1 Aug 25, 10
hnougher rated the Kamichu! anime 4/5 stars
hnougher watched Kamichu! at 12 of 12 episodes
Clockw0rkZen wants to watch Kamichu!
MoonXArtemis watched Kamichu! at 12 of 12 episodes
steau wants to watch Kamichu!

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Spirited Away

Spirited Away
  • Movie (1 ep x 125 min)
  • 2001

Chihiro and her family are on their way to their new home, when they discover an abandoned amusement park. After Chihiro's family mysteriously turn into pigs, she is thrown into a surreal world of magic and fantasy. Join her as she struggles to survive in the bathhouse of the gods, ruled by an evil witch who has stolen not only her name, but her way back to the real world.

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Spirited Away and Kamichu are both about a somewhat similar little girl who gets into a surreal environment and interacts with weird characters/creatures that are 'gods'.


Both Spirited Away and Kamichu let us descend into a mysterious world full of fantasy creatures. Travel beside the main characters as they discover more about their worlds.


Kamichu and Spirted Away are vastly different, but what they have in common is worth noting. They both focus around a young girl who must discover her own abilities and strength, but what truly ties them together is Shinto. If you have an interest in the visual depiction of kami - spirits, then these two anime are truly brilliant. Anime in various forms and in a myriad of ways gives much insight into the Japanese culture. It is great to see the effect of Shinto belief on anime.


Kamichu! has been referred to as "Spirited Away on TV," and it's true. Both anime are about a young girl and her dealings with the spirit world. Both are quite different takes on the subject, but are still similar enough to warrant a comparison. If you like one, you'll absolutely like the other. I have no doubt in my mind.


Both spirited away and Kamichu are fun for anyone to watch. They are both full of adventure with many weird and wonderful characters. They are the kind of ones you could watch over and over, and still get that feel good feeling afterwards. If you liked one, youl definately like the other!


Both are coming of age stories about ordinary girls placed in extraordinary circumstances, and how they come to realize their first love.  Both are sweet, and have lots of imaginative and colorful supernatural elements surrounding them.


Both Kamichu! and Spirited Away are uplifting feel good shows featuring a young girl as a main character in a world filled with unusual, fanciful creatures. Both are suitable for the whole family and feature very touching scenes in which new unforgettable friends are made.


Kamichu is almost like a peek back into the enchanted world of Spirited Away. Creative, lively and relaxing the animation is almost movie worthy. Kamichu is slower and softer, none of the sense of danger in spirited away, more like alight hearted view into the shinto world of Japan.

Strawberry Marshmallow

Strawberry Marshmallow

Ahh, the life of an elementary school student. Though Chika, Matsuri, Miu and Ana should focus on schoolwork, they’d much rather have fun instead. Whether it’s outings with 20-year-old-chain-smoker Noboe, holding each other hostage or learning to speak English with Ana’s foreign-born skills, there’s never a dull moment in the life of the girls. Join this cute quartet as they do cute (and often devious) things in cute and quirky ways!

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These series are of the comedic slice-of-life variety. Both of them are rather loose on plot but heavy on characterization. They each focus on a group of friends and have a very "go with the flow" feeling to them. If you liked one, give the other a try.


Both animes have cute characters characters and quite light story.

Kamichu is more childish and feature unreal stories, Strawberry Marshmallow is quite realistic, but overall they have similar style.


Ichigo Marshmallow and Kamichu! are über-charming slice-of life series about protagonists slightly younger than most in the genre (elementary and middle school, respectively). As such, they have free reign to be the most cute and adorable and other-synonyms-for-cute shows ever. Also, they're hilarious. The art style is pretty similar, too (sort of rounded and flowy with similar colors).

Aria the Animation

Aria the Animation

Neo Venezia, the pride of planet Aqua, is a quaint city filled with canals and easy-going people. Many companies operate their gondolas on the canals, giving tours to tourists and locals alike, but the most famous of them is the Aria Company. Follow the adventures of Aria's young apprentice, Akari, as she learns the tricks of the trade from her beautiful senior, Alicia. Together with her friends Aika and Alice, apprentices of rival companies, and their seniors Akira and Athena, they train their skills as gondoliers, meeting new people and learning new things about the city each day.

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Kamichu and Aria are about atmosphere; they have a slow-paced, relaxing mood in which characters are trying to find out more about what they are supposed to do.

Despite being cats, the presidents in Aria also reminded me of the creatures in Kamichu. Another thing is that both could be looked at as slice of life anime. Needless to say, there are quite a few similarities here.


You may ask "what does anime about Shinto goddess have to do with anime about riding a gondola". And you are right - storywise they have absolutely nothing in common.

But in termes of light-hearted and heart-warming both are at the same level. They both focus strongly on the mood and entertains viewers with short stories about the daily lifes and growth of characters. And even though Kamichu have a bit more romance and comedy, while Aria shows some nute of nostalgy here and there I'm sure if you love the one you'll love the other.

Azumanga Daioh

Azumanga Daioh

Ten-year-old genius Chiyo, animal-loving Sakaki, loudmouth Tomo, athletic Kagura, weight-conscious Yomi and dim-witted Osaka are six friends who share laughs, good times, and a high school homeroom. With scary (and sometimes perverted) teachers, school festivals, penguin suits and general hilarity abounding, you can be sure that there's never a dull day in the life of one of these students!

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At first blush, these series might only seem to be superficially related. Yes, they are both school girl series, and the central concerns of the characters are those typical of young women trying to find their place in the world. But the difference between them looms large. Whereas Azumanga Daioh is played -- insofar as the characters within their own world are concerned -- straight (other than some odd mental fantasy moments) the supernatural element is absolutely central to KamiChu.

So why if you love one should you love the other? Because it is the way the characters' lives are explored and delineated that makes both series fundamentally charming -- and is what makes both series similar to each other at heart. The characters are never caricatures in the sense of, say, Paniponi Dash, which is filled with cardboard cutouts played for facile laughs. Which is not say Azumanga and KamiChu aren't funny, because they are. But the characters are handled lovingly and respectfully and in so doing come alive for the viewer, creating a sympathetic response few series ever manage. Though both series contain school girl stereotypes, they don't feel like stereotypes -- and in the end that's why you'll love them both.


Both are series about a group of students going about their everyday life.  It's fun to watch these and get a sense of what life is like for Japanese students, while getting a kick out of their strange antics!  Also, if you loved Matsuri in Kamichu, then you'll love Tomo in Azumanga!

Haibane Renmei

Haibane Renmei

A young woman quietly falls to the earth, escorted by a solitary crow. This sort of dream, as many other before have dreamed, comes just before being reborn as a Haibane, a charcoal-winged angel. On the outskirts of the walled-in city lies Old Home, a haven for Haibane to study, live, and learn, while waiting for their chance to ascend to the heavens and escape the confines of their new world. Rakka is the newest inhabitant of Old Home who wants nothing more than to remember her past and discover the secrets of her kind. Together with Reki, Kuu and plenty of other new friends, Rakka will laugh, explore, and search for the meaning of their existence in the process.

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Both are wonderful slice-of-life series with supernatural elements. If you allow yourself to get caught up in either of them, there's no escaping until the series is over. If you like one series, you'll end up liking them both when all in said and done.


Each anime contains elements of slice-of-life stories. You are brought into a world where you must learn new customs and cultures as magical as the characters themeless. Full of childlike wonder each anime focuses on a character trying to help the ones around her. Slow moving and beautiful if you liked one, you will like the other

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