Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai 2

Alt titles: The World God Only Knows 2


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Well well well... This was really a surprise.

After the delusion of the first season (horrible story and characters, average sound and animation, you can find my review here) I wasn't expecting anything better. In fact I watched this sequel just because I usually do not like to leave things only half complete. But it seems that, with this second season, Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai has been able to pack up something better.

Animation and sound showed no real changes from the season 1, I'll avoid a copy/paste to smooth up a little the review. Minor note: I had the impression that a little more attention was paid to lights and similar.

Story - 4
After a 2/10 in Kami Nomi 1, Kami Nomi 2 actually improved a little, still, it lacks of something to reach the sufficiency.

Nothing really new, it is again the same thing as before, find a girl, conquer her, reset her memories, find another girl, and so on.

So, basically, the plot is identical to the first season, but luckily there have been some additions that made the whole a little more interesting: the girls' "routes" are finally something a little more elaborated, just as more elaborated are the characters. Not excessively. But lets praise the effort of improvement.

Characters - 7
This is what actually surprised me.
After the first season I was expecting the same thing along all the 12 episodes: a NEET guy, a clumsy cute demoness, and a single other character acting as a target for two-three episodes, just to be forgotten and replaced by another one in the next three-episodes-subplot.

Well actually I was not that wrong. But finally these targets were not just some dummies whose only use was to be there to be conquered. In fact they all had some kind of background, something that brought them from the status of "future/actual/past target" to the more prestigious status of girls with some kind of decent personality.

And actually there was also something more than just the trio demoness - galgamer - to-be-seducted-girl: every now and then some more characters showed up (like a second demoness, Haqua, as well as a couple of teachers blabbing 3 or 4 sentences every now and then).

And lastly, this time each "sub-plot" wasn't a straight aim for the hearth of a girl, but a larger workaround had to be done, increasing the overall character quality.

Maybe a 7 is too much. But if in the third season they keep to get better like they did from the first to the second, it might become something quite good. I'm thinking mostly to the fact that finally, unlike in the first season, now it seems that there might (and i repeat, might) be some further developments in the story of some of the girls, even while they actually lost their memories. Or even better something might grow between Keima and Elsie, who knows? A few seeds were already planted in this second season... I do hope that something like this will pop out in the third season. This could a good starting point to bring the story evaluation from a "not good" to an "average".

Overall - 6
I actually enjoyed this one. It is surely nothing extraordinary, but it deserves at least a "sufficient". Good improvement if compared to its predecessor, it offers some more entertaining episodes, as well as some better shaped characters.

While I do not see anything here that deserves more than an "average", or in the better cases a "barely good", I cannot deny the fact that during the progression of the anime, I was eager to see how it would develop. This was not the case in the first season: for that one, if I got to the last episode, it was just because, like said before, I do not like to leave things half done...

Side note: I still have to really find a meaning for episode 12... It looks more like those odd specials that barely make sense... I think it can be seen like some post-ending events plus a glimpse on a third season...

4/10 story
6/10 animation
7/10 sound
6.5/10 characters
6/10 overall
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The World God Only Knows has continued to impress me over its two seasons, mainly due to its consistency. With its short story arc formula, I don’t think this anime will ever hit god-like status, but for me, week in and week out I had more fun watching this, than any other show this season.

Title Screen
神のみぞ知るセカイ - Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai
神のみ - Kaminomi
The World God Only Knows II

First let me say I had a great time watching this last episode. Like the first season’s finale, season two’s ending deals with Keima and his actual playing of games. There were several nice touches in addition to the storyline, such as brief cameos from all the previously conquered girls, but the bulk the finale features Keima, his chance discovery of his ‘ideal” game and its very special heroine.

I will say it felt as it the show could have been almost a two-part finale, as certain parts, namely Keima’s thinking about his ideal bishoujo game, felt way too long. While fun to watch, surely they could have edited the scene a bit, or reworked the sequence so it matched the pace of the episode.

It’s a minor spoiler, but there’s a great montage at the end showing the next season’s group of girls. Although this type of foreshadowing always feels a bit forced, if you’re a fan of show like me, it was a nice treat. I won’t make fun of the super deformed Yokkyun, but how funny was it when Elsie sketches her likeness perfectly, only to have Haqua tell her, “You suck at drawing.” That pretty much summarizes why I enjoyed all the gaming scenes as much as I did.

Elsie, so?

So, my thoughts on the season as a whole are as follows. Like I said, the show was consistently good. I would also add that the show, sort of surprisingly from its description, was pretty well-rounded, more so even in its sophomore season. There are romantic and supernatural elements of the show, but most importantly it seems to balance the comedic and dramatic parts pretty well.

However, don’t add dramatic + romantic and assume the show will = deep. Besides some overtones of escapist behavior from the show’s lead, Keima Katsuragi, the show’s plot never becomes too heavy. While making it easy to watch the non-deepness is another reason the show will probably never crack my favorites list.

Haqua, so?

So, here are some more things I thought season two did well. For one it was paced really well. The last episode felt a little crammed, but the entire season prior had a nice flow to it. The second season, while having a similar pace as the first, seemed way less formulaic, to which I would attribute the introduction of Haqua.

No only was her story arc possibly the best, it really, really helped break up the season. If they would have never introduced her and instead, substituted a different generic-lonely girl, the show would, in my opinion, have gotten stale.  Along with Haqua were flashbacks of her and Elsie’s past in hell (underworld?), which were one of the highlights of the season for me. Besides all the hot romantic kissing of course.

The production of the show is also very consistent. The show always looks great, from the character designs to the switch between normal and super-deformed, I always enjoyed looking at it. While not as beautiful as some of the new shows seen this season, the animation always seems to fit the story. Even Yokkyun, lol. The other production elements also seemed fine to me.

I’m not a huge fan of opening/ending songs, but just the like the first season, the entire opening sequence is incredible (2D purists may disagree). One of my favorite openings of all time was from .hack//Sign where the characters sort of get digitalized into the game world and the opening this season had a similar feel.

Yokkyun, so?

So, I felt the pacing and production were very good. The characters themselves however, were just ok. We get much of the same from Keima and Elsie as in the first season, where to be honest, some growth could have really benefited the series. We also get much of the same from season two’s group of possessed girls, unless you count Haqua, who was more developed (story wise, not cup size). Based on completely shallow merits, I enjoyed the Jun Nagase arc more than the others, as she was an older woman (making it slightly dangerous) and ridiculously cute with her fist pumps.

I will say in closing, adding to my thought on Keima and Elsie, I really wish they would have done more with them. A reader once asked if I was reading the manga, to which I replied I wasn’t. So my indictment about the lack of character development may have to be directed towards the source material. Several times throughout the season it seemed like Keima would have to face reality only to have plot take him somewhere else.

Elsie is one of my favorites, but she really got the shaft this season. Any plot or development regarding Elsie was pretty much brought on by Haqua and her own story. While she continues to be incredibly adorable, it would have been nice If Elsie had gotten her own episode or maybe a new magical/demon power to show off. Here’s an Elsie figure if you need more Elsie and for the last time, Kami-sama fighto!

So, I enjoyed the season and after a short break, I’ll be ready for a season three. For a couple of its faults there’s nothing entirely similar to The World God Only Knows. I can easily recommend this to someone who enjoys some light romance with their comedy, to the occasional bishoujo fan (like myself), or to anyone who likes well-rounded, but not overly deep series.

Final shot.
Thanks all!!

?/10 story
?/10 animation
?/10 sound
?/10 characters
7/10 overall
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For the most part, it has the same feel as season 1 but most of the girls were more likable (except Chihiro). It still needs another season but I loved the ending. For something more detailed, read my first review.

7/10 story
8/10 animation
6/10 sound
6.9/10 characters
7/10 overall
yasmin09's avatar By on Jul 12, 2011

I will keep this review fairly short since I have all ready written one for the first season. The quality remains consistent through story, animation, and sound though I do find the females more likable in this season, with the exception of Chihiro (I think that was the name). In addition, the ending was much more appropriate and strongly suggested a third opening by showcasing the females to come as opposed to having an open-ending with much left to be desired. If you enjoyed the first, the second will be just as good and will not disappoint for the most part. I actually had a slight preference for this second season.

7.5/10 story
8.5/10 animation
7/10 sound
8/10 characters
7.5/10 overall
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The previous season of The World God Only Knows was pretty entertaining. It had a nice plot that combined romantic comedy with some shounen elements, had a cast of very likeable characters, a pretty good soundtrack, and excellent animation. I had a lot of expectations for the second season, and I was not disappointed.

The story of The World God Only Knows is about a guy named Keima who has been employed by the devil to track down loose souls, which apparently only manifest themselves in teenage (though sometimes older) girls who have identity problems or something along those lines. Which makes sense, because teenage girls certainly are the perfect vessels for a demon to live out of. Angsty and emotional, I can understand why we don’t see any male characters being taken over by loose souls. But I digress. Keima is a gamer, specifically, a dating simulation connoisseur. He runs his own website about them as he beats a couple a day and is even asked for advice by dating simulation developers. Using this knowledge, he attempts to help the girls who have loose souls inside of them by filling the space the soul occupies with himself. He does this through pushing them through tough times and basically getting them to fall in love with him. When the loose soul leaves, Keima’s sister and demon buddy, Elsie, captures them.

The plot, as I stated in my first season review, isn’t totally exciting but it’s melting together both shounen and romantic elements makes it have a wider appeal to a wider crowd of people. As a fan of romantic comedies, I found it to be fun and I found the shounen elements to liven it up a bit and give it more flair.

That’s not to say that the shounen elements are really good. In a particular arc one of the loose souls winds up becoming ultra-powerful and this leads to a big fight. The fight wasn’t exciting, nor was this arc that great, but I admired the fact it was taking something that most people would think girly and made it appeal to guys looking for some action. 

The plot is marked with two filler episodes like the previous season. This time, the roles reverse. The first filler episode is pretty good and funny, while the last one (the last episode) isn’t that exciting.

The animation is just as good as the previous season. While there were no metaphorical sections that really wowed me like last time, it still managed to have good character designs and smooth animation throughout.

The sound is the only place in the entire second season where I’m going to have to downgrade the points. This season suffers from a lackluster opening and closing, as well as no stand-out music during the show. Kanon does make an appearance with an uninspired song that lasts a few seconds, but otherwise she’s lost. I was hoping she would be in the background more so this season and her songs would play on radios or in stores for some added fan service, but she isn’t utilized and it just leaves the show with a big hole in the sound department. Voice actors still play their roles well though, so sound isn’t bad, it just doesn’t shine quite as much as it did last season.

In the character department though, I found that this season had better heroines for Keima to conquer than last season. I felt that they were a bit more complex and a bit more different from what you typically see. The four of the first season were somewhat generic, but as I said, they had a reason to be. This season gives Keima a lot more of a challenge though as the heroines aren’t conforming to his games as much. This really adds to the drama and makes the show so much more fun.

The two main characters are of course Keima and Elsie. As I said in my previous review, Keima comes off as a complete ass to Elsie, but is a genuinely nice guy to everyone else it seems. Elsie is just plain cute and adorable and you just want to hug her and have her as your little sister. She isn’t too deep, but she serves her purpose of being the complete opposite of a demon and the complete opposite of Keima well, as well as playing the role of little sister nicely too. She’s fun and funny.

The conquests start with Kusunoki Kasuga, a martial artist who is trying to suppress her inner female and act as if she were a male. Her character isn’t all that complex but she is very likeable in her ideals. She doesn’t want to show weakness so tries to stay away from cute things and showing affection. She’s the weakest of the conquests of this season, but she is still much deeper and much more enticing than the four girls of the previous season.

The second conquest is Chihiro Kosaka, which is probably my favorite of all the conquests in the entire series. She’s just normal. She’s average at everything, she looks average, and she tries to quell that averageness by asking out and being rejected by every hot guy she sees. The metaphorical take on her feelings is not awe-inspiring or anything new, but it is good. Everything leading up to the end of her story arc is well constructed, and I thought that the end of the arc was really well done and came across as truly heartfelt.

The third and final conquest is Jun Nagase, a student teacher. This is the second best conquest of the entire series. Her plot and feelings won’t come across as truly understandable unless you have been a student teacher or know someone who has. She, like student teachers, goes in idealistic and wanting to help people. The problem is, nobody wants her help and she’s kind of in a place where she isn’t respected, no matter how hard she tries to be. It’s a fantastic arc specifically for those emotions that are rooted very much so in reality. She feels like a failure because she isn’t able to get the kids to respect her as a friend; they treat her more as an enemy and an adult than someone they can hang out with. She’s a very good character and her arc is quite touching as I know someone who has gone through student teaching and became a teacher recently. The emotions he conveyed to me when telling me about his time as a student teacher are pretty much those of Nagase.

So all three conquests are great characters, Another character I need to mention is Haqua, another demon like Elsie who was at the top of her class but has become akin to a failure. She’s a decent character and fun for the little time she’s around, but her past is a little cliché and her character isn’t as well made as the conquest characters.

The World God Only Knows II is actually better than its predecessor in almost every way. It’s wholly entertaining and surprisingly heart-felt at times. While it’s not deep, nor is it really that smart, it still maintains a good balance of different elements that combine into a very fun ride. It may not be the best thing out there, but it is a very good thing. It’s not bogged down by a lot of cliché and elements that have come up a hundred billion times. It’s sometimes smart, sometimes funny, sometimes dramatic, and sometimes romantic. It’s everything in a nice little package.

An 8/10.


7/10 story
8.5/10 animation
6.5/10 sound
9.2/10 characters
8/10 overall