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Anime Worth Watching Twiceby Diddiken

This is the anime i feel you shoud watch twice. These animes is here for a reason, so in general, watch them all.

The best animes everby Diddiken

I have seen a lot of anime, so I picked out the best ones. I am really bad at these reasons-thing, so I apologise. But you just got to trust me! PS: the list is not in any spesific order

Harem, echi, comedy? Here is the list for you!by Diddiken

It is not in any spesific order, so enjoy! And the reasons is bad, I know... Just trust me!

I'd Watch These Again*by Bakemonogatari

I plan to re-watch all of these titles again some time in the future. *All of these titles are subject to change at any time for any reason.

Hilarity ensuesby Minenorin

For when you just need to laugh

My Top 5 Comedic Animesby knightmare09

I know there are a lot of funny animes out there, and I know i have not seen all of them. However, from all of the anime i have seen, these 5 are to me the funniest of the bunch. The ranges of these comedies differ from ecchi to straightman. I...