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Kaleido Star

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3.938 out of 5 from 3,766 votes
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Sora is a sixteen year old girl who has travelled to the US to join the Kaleido Stage, one of the greatest circuses in existence. However, as luck would have it, she arrives to the audition late, which almost costs her the chance of a lifetime. Fortunately, she manages to join the Kaleido Stage anyways due to the compassion of Kalos, the owner of the troupe. With the help of her friends and Fool, the perverted spirit of the stage who has the ability to predict the future, Sora will overcome trials and tribulations and she struggles to become the Kaleido Star.

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Anime Name Type Year Relation More Info
Kaleido Star: New Wings ~Extra Stage~ OVA 2004 TBD
Kaleido Star: Legend of Phoenix ~Layla Hamilton Story~ OVA 2005 TBD
Kaleido Star: It's Good! Goood!! OVA 2006 TBD
Name Role
Hajime WATANABE Character Design
Fumitoshi OIZAKI Character Design
Junichi SATO Director
Yoshimasa HIRAIKE Director
Mina KUBOTA Music
Takeshi SASAMURA Producer
Shunji NAMIKI Producer
Yoshiyuki FURUYA Producer

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Kaleido Star KiraRin 8/10 Sep 27, 2009

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Kaleido Star Seority 9/10 Apr 5, 2013
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Kaleido Star roriconfan 7/10 Jul 15, 2012
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Full Moon wo Sagashite

Full Moon wo Sagashite

Twelve year old Mitsuki's desire is to become a singer. She has the talent and a beautiful voice, but she also has a throat tumor which threatens to rob her of her gift of song. As if things weren't bad enough, two shinigami inform Mitsuki that she only has one year left to live. However, all is not lost, for they make a deal that if she goes with them, they will help realize her dream by changing her into a healthy 16-year-old, who is able to sing and apply for auditions.

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Full Moon and Kaleido Star really have a lot in common without being so similar that it's boring to watch both (like Evangelion and Rahxephon). Talented young girls strive to express themselves via their chosen artistic medium: singing for Full Moon and circus acts for Kaleido Star.

Both series are long, so if you are looking for something that will last, is entertaining and feelgood (mostly), this is for you.


Kaleido Star and Full Moon wo Sagashite are both well worth watching. Their storylines and plot developments are pretty contrasting, but there are key elements that are the same. The main protagonist of both anime (Kaleido Star - Sora, Full Moon - Mitsuki) have very big dreams and goals that they strive to reach, as well as an exceptional amount of dedication, perserverance, and creativity. Both Kaleido Star and Full Moon wo Sagashite have the capability of drawing you into the show so much that you might have the urge to cheer for the characters, or at least, hope that they are one step closer to their goal. If you've enjoyed watching either Sora or Mitsuki, you'll definitely enjoy watching the other attempt to reach their biggest dreams and aspirations.


In both Kaleido Star and FMoS the main character is a young girl who wants to follow her dreams, but of course she finds a lot of obstacles in her way. Even if neither show reveals to you the meaning of your existence, they are perfect for those times when you need to believe that everything will work out in the end.


Kaleido Star and FMoS both are about a girl whose dreams are very important to her, and she won't stop at anything in trying to accomplish them. Her guardians, who are not looked highly upon at first, grow alongside her, protect and take care of her. Both shows try to teach us that regardless of your fame and fortune, you should never forget who you are and where you came from.


These animes are very similar. They are both happy animes about girls trying to reach their dreams. Although they both run into a few problems on the way, they try their hardest. They are both entertaining and if you liked one, you would certainly like the other.


Kaleido Star and Full Moon have something big in common, but in a way, are very different. The main characters are both optimistic and driven. They have a goal and are willing to do almost anything to achieve it. Both series' present you with fun and likeable characters, alongside a unique and interesting plot, complete with drama, comedy and emotion. If you enjoyed one, you'll be sure to enjoy the other.

Ginban Kaleidoscope

Ginban Kaleidoscope

Tazusa Sakurano is a 16-year-old girl whose beauty is worth $10 billion -- or at least, that's how she describes herself. She is a skilled figure skater who represents Japan, and is working hard to earn a spot in the Olympics; but unfortunately, at the same time that she fumbled on her triple lux, a ghost possessed her body! His name is Pete Pumps, and he now sees all that Tazusa sees, and feels all that she feels -- especially hard falls. The two have no idea why Tazusa's body was chosen, and how to undo it. If things weren’t complicated enough, the media also hounds Tazusa for being a poor representative for Japanese women in the figure skating arena, and worst of all she has absolutely no privacy! Realizing that there's no way fight against the situation, Tazusa and Pete work together to give their best performance in figure skating.

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Ginban Kaleidoscope and Kaleido Star are extremely similar. Both are partly sports-related and focused on a girl's dream to be the top star. While in Ginban Kaleidoscope you see the world of ice skating, in Kaleido Star you see the world of stage performing (like a circus). Lots of comedy and a bit of drama. If you liked one, you'll like the other for sure.


In both series we have a talented yet clumsy girl who's aiming to be a top skater/acrobat. They both have to overcome their rivals ( who are "the perfection in person" but who lack spirit/heart). In their jurney they have lots of friends besides them, make their rivals their fiends and admirers , and also , become friends with a ghost. Watch them as they come closer to their goals, ad grow day by day little by little


Both series deal with the stage. Kaleido Star is filled with trapeze, diabolo, tightrope, iceskating, knifes, juggling, traning a seal etc. Where as Ginban Kaleidoscope deals with the stage also, but with pure iceskating. So if anyone loves ice skating and the stage, you would sertainly would love this


Weird supernatural extra bits are in both anime and both main leads are working their hardest to become the best they can within their talents. Heavy competition with cruel rivals stand in their way to make it to the top. Both tend to be quite funny at times as well. I liked the humor more in Ginban Kaleidoscope but Kaleido Star had it's moments as well. Check one out if you liked the other


Those anime are very similar and, I think, both good. They're both about performance, they're both light, with a bit of comedy. It's also a pleasure to see the graphics and design in both case. In Kaleido Star there's more diversity, we see trapeze, diabolo, figure skating, trampoline and other circus arts while Ginban Kaleidoscope is only about figure skating.

I think it's a bit more competitive in Ginban Kaleidoscope, where it really is about winning while in Kaleido Star it's more about the show.

Battle Athletes Victory

Battle Athletes Victory

The year is 4998. Girls from all over the galaxy come together to train for the title of Cosmo Beauty in a bevy of athletic events. Akari, our heroine, wants to go to University Satellite where her mother once went and won the title. That is, if her bad luck will give her a chance! Add into the mix a cutthroat competition between star athletes and complicated midterms, and you have some rough competition revolving around bizarre plots and insane hijinks! Oh, and did we mention the field events? Bring your hard hats everyone, as the galaxy will never be the same!

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The series are both mainly focussed on female lead roles. The main characters try in both series ot get to the top, starting as small pebble. Though while in Kaleido Star there is more character devlopment, Battle Athletes Victory focusses more on the actual sports. The comedy in both series is about equal in %.

Both Battle Athletes and Kaleido Star focus on a young girl with extraordinary but untapped ability, while the antagonists of both series are uncannily similar in how their relationship with the main character serves to spur her on towards greatness.  "Try your best" and "give it your all" are the key themes in both series as well.


The plots focus mainly on 2 girls with hidden prodigous abilites this is the reason for it to be similar. And the characters who used to hate them eventually like and encourage them they also look alike not much boys and romance but really great so girly for those who like girly

Princess Tutu

Princess Tutu

Once there lived an eccentric author called Drosselmeyer who wrote grand tragedies - one of them was the tale of a prince who sealed away an evil raven by breaking his own heart into tiny pieces. However, before the story could be completed, the author died and the tale took on a life of its own. Now, in a town where fiction and reality meet, the story continues on its tragic course with Ahiru, a duck who transforms into the beautiful Princess Tutu in order to restore the prince's heart. But will Ahiru's act of love be enough to defy the story's terrible destiny and lead to a happy ending?

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The humor in both series is similar, yet the humor in Princess Tutu is aimed at somewhat younger people comparted to the humor in Kaleido Star. The concept in nearly the same. Though while Kaleido Star mainly involves Circus events, Ballet will be the most important part of Princess Tutu. While Kaleido Star merely limits itself to nearly impossible tricks and acrobatics yet staying quite close to reality, you will find magic and less realistic settings in Princess Tutu

Both anime have a form of performing art woven into them. One dances for the happiness of her prince, and the other to find out who she is and to inspire young girls like herself. The animation is light and cheery and can really make you smile.


The amazing acrobatics of Kaleido Star are definitly compareable to beautiful ballet of Princess Tutu. Both of these series have beautiful animation that gives you the feeling that you can do anything! The heroines of both are constantly trying to improve, trying to make the ones they love smile, and helping them in anyway they can. If all of that doesn't do it for you, then their similar styles of comedy definitly will!

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Glass Mask (2005)

Glass Mask (2005)

Maya is a dreamy young girl whose clumsiness is matched only by her absent-mindedness. While others have given up on her, the legendary actress Tsukikage sees her hidden potential and offers to take Maya under her tutelage. Maya loves the theatre more than anything, and as there's not much she can do about it at home, she chooses to run away with Tsukikage. The world of theatre is harsh, however, especially for a naive young girl far away from home. While she finds new friends who support her, her mentor has powerful enemies and Maya is often on the receiving end of their ruthless plans. In face of the adversity, Maya must constantly fight to develop her skills to catch up with her unbelievably talented rival, Ayumi, if she hopes to inherit Tsukikage's legendary role: The Crimson Goddess.

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Both Glass Mask and Kaleido Star tell us a story about hope, dream and a difficult path that lies beyond those who will try to archive those dreams. But in the end all with strong and willing hearts will find the way to overcome obstacles and even weaknesses in their own hearts.

Both animes have similar plot structure, similar character development and character types: a diamond in the rough, strict teacher and a big bunch of friends always willing to support the main character. But though sometimes you feel like watching the very same anime with different names, places and only switching between theater actors and circus acrobats, you’ll never feel bored. Yes, those stories tell us same things with different decorations but the way they are told leaves only positive emotions.

If you liked Glass Mask or Kaleido Star you will definitely like the other.


I have watched 23 episodes of Kaleido star but these series are totally same. If you have enjoyed one you will like other for sure. 

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