Kakurenbo: Hide & Seek

Movie (1 ep x 26 min)
3.36 out of 5 from 2,367 votes
Rank #2,161

Near the ruins of an old and abandoned city, there is played a game simply known as "Otokoyo." It is said that when children play this game, they go missing one by one. Some say it is ghosts. Others say it is demons. But for Hikora, one thing is certain: his sister disappeared playing the game and he will do whatever it takes to find her, even if it means playing the game himself. He and seven others will do just that, all for their own reasons, and learn that rumors aren’t always fictitious. Escaping with their lives will become the main concern when this game of hide-and-seek turns deadly.

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Sianeka's avatar by Sianeka on Nov 24, 2014
Score: 7/10

I enjoyed Kakurenbo: Hide & Seek.  It's a nice creepy horror short, that presses just the right buttons to make for a quick and engaging watch when one is in the mood for a little snack of horror. This story features the adventures of seven kids who decide to play a special version of Kakurenbo (Hide & Seek) known locally as Otokoyo. This version of hide-and-seek features a minimum of seven... read more

Omurqi's avatar by Omurqi on Oct 30, 2009
Score: 7/10

This 20min. short movie delivered exactly what I hoped it would, a soft horror story. Kakurenbo is about a group of kids who decided to play an ancient version of the Hide & Seek game, one involving hiding from demons. After they arrived at the “so called” Demon City, in which the game is to be played, they find out that there's a lot more to their joke than they thought there was. All in all... read more


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