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Mahou Sensei Negima!

Mahou Sensei Negima!

When the students of class 2-A at the all-girls Mahora Academy head back to school, they are expecting a new year as usual. What they get is a new homeroom teacher... who's 10 years old! As if being a genius isn't enough, Negima is a mage. As part of his training to be a Magister Magi, he must succeed at teaching - without anyone finding out he's a magician! Can Negi keep his talents a secret from the girls who just adore the cutest new addition to their academy? Through demon attacks, magical enemies, and English tests, Negi will put all his talents to the test to be the best teacher he can and achieve his goal of Magister Magi.

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ZetsubouKaiji ZetsubouKaiji says...

Both these series have cute girls, magic powers, and mostly short plot arcs lasting an episode or two. Both shows have the girls getting into various situations. In Negima, the Negi does most of the magic, but in Kaitou it's the girls themselves that have the magic powers. But both shows are more about the comedy and characters being cute rather than heavy plots. If you liked one you'd probably want to check out the other.