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Kaiketsu Zorro

Alt titles: Legend of Zorro, The, Magnificent Zorro, The

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2.819 out of 5 from 549 votes
Rank #3,086


Bernard is a cheerful 9-year-old orphan who lives with a man named Diego. After finding out that Diego is none other that his hero Zorro, Bernard in turn becomes "Little Zorro", Zorro’s assistant. Lolita, Diego's pretty, sweet-tempered 17-year-old girlfriend, wishes he weren't so easygoing, and more like Zorro, whom she worships; but for her own safety, Diego keeps his secret identity from her. Also joining the fray are Sergeant Garcia, someone who enjoys food as his girth would suggest; Figaro, Little Zorro’s adventurous pet puppy who always dons a funny mask; Tornado, Zorro’s noble white horse; and Tackle, a lazybones pooch. Can Diego fight to defend the people from the nobility's cruelty while still keeping his identity a secret?


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Name Role
Hirotoshi TAKAYA Character Design
Katsumi MINOGUCHI Director
Hiromoto TOBISAWA Music

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List Title Username Entries Date
Gray GrayQueen 109 Mar 25, 2014
childhood anime weirdgirl13 45 Feb 21, 2012
Anime i that i'll remember the most DarkMac 17 Dec 13, 2011
dj8900 dropped Kaiketsu Zorro
MoeChii rated the Kaiketsu Zorro anime 3/5 stars
MoeChii watched Kaiketsu Zorro at 52 of 52 episodes
Elizaparker rated the Kaiketsu Zorro anime 5/5 stars
razgriz1987 watched Kaiketsu Zorro at 52 of 52 episodes

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There are many similarities between Kaiketsu Zorro and Robin Hood no Daibouken. They both focus on a noble hero fighting for justice with the help of the woman they love (and it's refreshing to see these women strong and fighting instead of weak).