Kaiketsu Zorori Movie

Alt titles: Majime ni Fumajime Kaiketsu Zorori Nazo no Otakara Daisakusen

Movie (1 ep x 53 min)
2.425 out of 5 from 34 votes
Rank #4,267

One day, Zorori is napping in a lush field with his companions Noshishi and Ishishi, when a young man in a hurry rudely awakens him from his slumber. After saving the boy from the infamous pirate Tiger, Zorori discovers that the one he saved is actually... a woman! Her name is Tail, and she's on a search for a legendary treasure. Of course, Zorori can't help but assist her on her quest in hopes of gaining some of the treasure, and maybe even a wife! However, our heroes will not find what they seek easily, for Tiger has enlisted the help of the scientist Madi to build a mechanical creation capable of bringing down Zorori for good!

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