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Stop!! Hibari-kun!

Stop!! Hibari-kun!

When Kousaku's mother died, she entrusted his care to a man from Tokyo, Ibari Oozora. And so, Kousaku boarded a train and travelled to the city, where he discovered that Mr Oozora was more than just a man – he's the head of a yakuza group! And as if living in the care of a gangster isn't enough of a shock, the boy then meets his new siblings: three girls, and one exceptionally lovely lady that he instantly falls for. There's just one problem – 'she' is actually a 'he' who poses as a girl both at home, and at his new school! Now, Kousaku must come to terms with his new family situation and figure out how handle his challenging relationship with his new 'sister'!

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sothis sothis says...

It's a trap! Both leading males find themselves in the company of a girl who definitely is a boy, and a lovely one at that. If you liked the comedy of one, check out the other!