Kaichou wa Maid-sama!

Alt title: Maid-sama!


Custom Lists

My Top/Favorite Animeby professorthatch

These are the anime that I've enjoyed the most over time!

Reverse Harem Madnessby AVBUNNY

*in no particular order basically this is when the protagonist (female) or a female character finds herself to have multiple people in love with her at once or throughout the course of the story.

Personal favorites.by reddishgrey

As the name says, these are all my favorite anime series ever. They're not in order (except for the first one, of course)

Simple anime for beginnersby kajara

Simple anime to start with if you are new to the otaku world

Favorite Anime!by ZainRabbaa

This is a list of animes I really enjoyed watching

Shoujo/Romance animes that are worth watchingby AreenTyler

Shoujo animes with pure romance, youthful, comedy and less drama. They are arranged from the best from top. I'll be adding more as I go.

Top 500 Anime I Likeby KittySisters

This is 500 anime I had watched in my life of anime. It contains mostly Fantasy/Supernatural/Super Powered, and basically anything related to that category. (Some of them I cant explain because it been so long, and I somehow forgot about it...