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Kaibutsu Oujo

Alt titles: Monster Princess, Princess Resurrection

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3.311 out of 5 from 4,122 votes
Rank #2,063


Hiro Hiyorimi is a boy who moved to the city to live with his sister; but as he was walking around town one day, he sacrificed himself to protect a girl from being hit by falling beams, and subsequently lost his life. Her name is Hime, and she is a princess who has the power to revive the dead with the flames of life. In return for reviving Hiro, he must work as a servant to protect her from any harm that comes her way. Yet even though Hiro now has a partially immortal life, his flames of life must be recharged daily or he will die yet again. Hime’s life is targeted by her siblings because the throne of the royalty is at stake, so Hiro must step up as a faithful servant to protect her life at all cost!


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related anime

Anime Name Type Year Relation More Info
Kaibutsu Oujo Special DVD Special 2008 Side Story "Episode 26" released only on the DVDs.
Kaibutsu Oujo OVA OVA 2010 TBD

related manga

Manga Name Year Relation More Info
Princess Resurrection 2005 Original Manga
Name Role
Kazuya KURODA Character Design
Masayuki SAKOI Director
Mikiya KATAKURA Music
Yasunori MITSUNAGA Original Manga Creator

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Title Author Score Date
Kaibutsu Oujo MikeSinner 5/10 Apr 19, 2012
Monster Princess MikeSinner 5/10 Apr 19, 2012
Princess Resurrection MikeSinner 5/10 Apr 19, 2012
List Title Username Entries Date
should watch anime angelica50386 34 Feb 28, 2014
50 anime in 50 weeks xxevascarletxx 50 Feb 24, 2014
2. ULTIMATE ANIME RANKING Xplayer 260 Jan 22, 2014
Post Name Username Comments Date
Kaibutsu Oujo rant part 2 JAhU 0 Jan 22, 12
Adult Reiri JAhU 0 Jan 11, 12
Kaibutsu Oujo manga vs Kaibutsu Oujo anime JAhU 0 Jan 2, 12
MorbidMolly151 wants to watch Kaibutsu Oujo
michaelnt123456 rated the Kaibutsu Oujo anime 3.5/5 stars
michaelnt123456 watched Kaibutsu Oujo at 25 of 25 episodes
kosmos753 is watching Kaibutsu Oujo anime at 6 of 25 episodes
kosmos753 rated the Kaibutsu Oujo anime 3/5 stars

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Shakugan no Shana

Shakugan no Shana

Sakai Yuuji thought he was a normal high school student, until one fateful day when time stopped. Watching in horror, he witnesses a monster devouring the "frozen" people around him; but luckily for Yuuji, he is saved by a sword-wielding red-headed girl that calls herself a "Flame Haze". The girl informs him that he has been dead for some time now and that his current self is merely a replacement for the human that he used be while alive. He is, she says, merely a torch whose life will come to an end when the blue flame in his chest ceases to burn. After this rude awakening, Yuuji realizes that he is able to see the flames of life in other "torches"; and after discovering that a friend of his is also a torch -- and her life is burning out faster than his – he gains the courage to live out the rest of his life with meaning. Will Yuuji be able to find his place in the world before he ceases to exist?

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Both Princess Resurrection and Shana follow the (mis)adventures of a boy who died, yet was reanimated through somewhat magical means. They find a beautiful woman whom they help assist in her goals.  Both stories contain elements of comedy mixed in with a serious tone.  Anyone who loves one will surely enjoy the other.

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Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge

Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge

Nakahara Sunako, a high school girl whose interests include horror movies, coffins and gore, is sent by her aunt to live in an extravagant mansion with four ridiculously handsome boys. As if living with these “radiant creatures” who give her constant nosebleeds isn’t hard enough, she soon discovers that the boys have made a bet with her aunt: in exchange for free rent, they will try to mold Sunako into a magnificent lady. As someone who has cast aside all her femininity and sworn to live in darkness, Sunako is ready to do whatever it takes to nullify these efforts; but is there a way for the creatures of darkness and light to coexist?

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If you liked Kaibutsu Oujo you'd probably like Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge; let's call it a gut instinct. They both are very funny and they also have "dark/monster princesses" in them. In truth if you watched Monster Princess, Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge is the next logical choice and you'll be greatly sad if you missed out on it. So now that you're finished watching Monster Princess, go check out Yamato. You'll be very glad you did.

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Yu Yu Hakusho

Yu Yu Hakusho

Yusuke Urameshi was a normal middle school punk until he was hit and killed by a car, while saving a child. His selfless action earned him the right to gain his life back and serve as a detective of the spirit world, keeping the world of the living safe from a myriad of demons. But being reborn has its price: Yusuke must hatch a spirit beast that will develop according to his actions, and if he doesn't act in a good and honest manner, it will eat his soul. Can Yusuke protect the human and spirit worlds and still manage to save himself in the process?

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a high school boy loses his life while trying to save someone else, and is post-mortemly thrown into a world where magic and monsters are a reality. 

the feel of the two series are different, but given the common conditions surrounding the male protagonists, they share some similarities - both are worth a watch!