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Welcome to a world in which memories can be transferred from body to body; old painful memories can be removed and replaced with new ones, and the poor sell their bodies to the rich to survive. Waking up one day, Kaiba finds himself in a strange place with no memories of his past and a mysterious hole in his chest; the only clue as to his identity is a locket with a picture of a girl hanging from his neck. Armed with this token, Kaiba must now travel across the galaxy to discover who he is and what the girl in the locket means to him; however, his journey will bring him into contact with many people whose lives have been tragically affected by the manipulation of memories. All too soon it becomes clear that something is very wrong with this world…

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FalseDawn Aug 30, 2008
Score 9/10

Do not adjust your sets, the colours are meant to look like that. Yes, this is Kaiba, a disturbingly whacky sci-fi series set in a universe where memories have been digitised and can be traded if you're lucky enough to have the riches to buy them. The beauty of Kaiba, however, is that it is a multi-faceted series, in that it melds several different genres and philosophies together to become one... read more

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roriconfan May 30, 2012
Score 9/10

Animated by the king of anime series, Studio Madhouse. They did an exceptional work once again. Directed by the most awesome director of recent times, Yuasa Masaaki, who has blessed the medium with some of the most exceptional and/or artsy anime of all times (Mind Game, Kemonozume, Tatami Galaxy). This was a combo that was very hard to mess it up. And indeed it didn’t.

ART [Osamu Tezuka... read more



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