Kai Doh Maru

OVA (1 ep x 47 min)
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Ever since childhood, Kintoki (commonly known as Kai Doh Maru) has lived a difficult life of bloodshed, as a woman who was raised to be like a man. With the help of her mentor and comrades, she helps defend her city from evil spirits and beings that threaten it. However, Kintoki cannot forget her past, and soon, her past will catch up to her...

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VivisQueen Jan 13, 2008
Score 2/10

Each one of us has that one film or series that just makes us want to spit on the floor with unbridled disgust. This one is mine. Kai Doh Maru's plot is not only so thin that it might as well not have one, it actually lies about how much plot it has. The box says eighty minutes but the reality is closer to forty. No joke. It starts off decent enough, depicting the traumatic beginnings of Kintoki's... read more


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