Kagaku na Yatsura

OVA (1 ep)
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Haruki spends most of his time with friends and fellow classmates Airi and Ayana. All seems well, that is until Airi and Ayana form separate clubs, the Mechanical Science Club and the Chemical Science Club. The two vie for Haruki's attention and hilarious chaos usually follows all attempts to make him join.

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Rainsoaked's avatar by Rainsoaked on Dec 8, 2014
Score: 0.1/10

I just... someone beat me in a bet; and it was either this or Boku no Pico. I picked this... and while it's certainly the lesser of two evils; what we have here is easily one of the worst creations of OVA reality.  It's every negative stereotype in one piece of fiction, and we as a human race are worse off for its creation. Like, my god, please don't watch this. Please don't support this.  If you... read more

Bradalee's avatar by Bradalee on Jul 27, 2013
Score: 0.5/10

Anime doesn’t always enjoy a great reputation in the West, it tends to be lumped in with Western children’s cartoons, so naturally people scoff at any adult who watches it. Then you have the people who assume that it’s all naked girls and perverted nonsense, or in the words of my ignorant younger brother “Anime? You mean that shit with the naked toddlers and tentacle rape? No... read more

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