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Meet the Minami sisters, three girls living on their own and doing their best to make it through life's little snags and adventures. Kana, the middle sister, has far more energy than common sense; Chiaki, the youngest, is more reserved, but her sharp tongue and devious mind often cause trouble for others; and Haruka, the eldest, acts like a mother to the other two, is beautiful and kind, but has a fearsome stern streak. Together, no obstacle can stand in their way, be it school, romance, or even cooking.

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Szwagier Szwagier says...

Short comedy, full of moe and absurd jokes with girls as main characters? Yup, you've come to the right place. Whether it will be about 3 sisters living together (Minami-ke) or about 4 high school girls forming a band (K-on) you will defienietly spend some quality time laughing and enjoying both shows.

redfire389 redfire389 says...

If you want to see girls doing funny stuff and living day after day, you'll like these animes. Every character has an unique personality and that's what make these animes so entertaining because you end up loving the characters and laughing to the continuos jokes. If you like one of these animes, make sure to check the other one.

Omurqi Omurqi says...

Minami-ke and K-On are both slice of life shows about a group of girls leading their everyday (not so) ordinary lifes. Both shows have a similar sense of humor and are mostly about the interaction between the characters. Each character in these shows covers a, usually extreme, personality from the personality-spectrum.

KittyEmperor KittyEmperor says...

Both series generally focus around a group of girls in Minami-ke case it's the three sisters and in K-ON! case it's a group of classmates.  Each series main selling point is that they both generally try to spend their time being funny with the story rarely ever getting serious or anything like that.  Each series also has a least one of the girls being a bit of a pain for the rest of the girls without the others ever coming to dislike that girl.  While some of the jokes in each series are different they do generally give off the same feel and making both entertaining.

Sound! Euphonium

Sound! Euphonium

Spring in the first year of high school. Kumiko, a member of the brass band in junior high school, visits the high school brass band club with classmates Hazuki and Sapphire. There, she comes across Reina, her former classmate from junior high. Hazuki and Sapphire decide to join the club, but Kumiko can’t make up her mind. She recollects her experience with Reina at a competition in junior high school.

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liamb1996 liamb1996 says...

KyoAni visuals, and music based too. Though K-On focuses more on the characters and looking more cute, Sound! Euphonium is a nice Music focused series with the visual appeal as K-On.

renadesu3 renadesu3 says...

Both KyoAni highschool music club shows, K-on has more moe cuteness to it, but both sport enough similarities regarding visuals and themes for an enthusiast to be likely to enjoy the other.

ShizukaTheOtaku ShizukaTheOtaku says...

Very similar~~~

A band made up of high school girls, that play music.

Characters look awefully similar aswell.

SentientCrab SentientCrab says...

If you watched K-On! And thought to yourself “Man I wish they took things a little more seriously” or “I wish this was a real music anime” chances are you’ll like Euphonium. It’s a bit melodramatic at times and there’s some serious yuri-bating, but it’s a solid series.

The [email protected]


Everybody knows it's tough being an idol, especially the girls at 765 Production. Made up of thirteen young ladies, the group constantly attempts to improve its image by taking new promo shots and booking the best gigs possible, whether it's being a concert star or a quirky cooking show guest. Led by the kind-hearted and determined Producer, these talented performers such as twins Mami and Ami, quiet Yukiho, clumsy Haruka and gifted singer Chihaya will do their best to become the best idols around.

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Kari5 Kari5 says...

Both of these anime are about a group of girls with a passion for music, learning, preforming, and being cute! They are both slice of life anime about practicing hard to be great preformers, but with many side adventures. Toss in similar art styles, and it's easy to come the conclusion that fans of one would also enjoy the other (although K-On is better).

DearlyStars DearlyStars says...

Both of these slice of life anime are about a group of girls who have a love for music and performing. They both follow the groups through all of their mishaps, hardships and victories!

Takeya Takeya says...

Both anime are sugesting great amout of music, but in both ways we get comedies with silly girls. Prefer hamsters, cake, moe girls and alot of gags than music? Good for you. You will like both series.

Stella Women's Academy, High School Division Class C3

Stella Women's Academy, High School Division Class C3

Yura Yamato arrives for her first day at her dream school, the Stella Women’s Academy, eager to have a wondrous experience. But the teen’s fairy-tale dreams are soon dashed by a rather jarring recruitment into the C3 club - a group of girls who love nothing more than to play survival and war games on campus with Airsoft and BB guns! How will the typical Yura navigate her way through a club whose name stands for Command, Control and Communication, when all shes wants is to have a normal high school life?

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sothis sothis says...

K-on and C3 involve different types of clubs, but have a definite  similarity in tone and feel. Both involve cute girls who have various adventures as part of a school club, are lighthearted, etc. If you liked one, you'd appreciate the other.

blindwhatif blindwhatif says...

Both K-On! and C3 give you that casual club setting. Here, "To join, or not to join?" is the question.  Cute Characters, Same feel with different style. If you like one you would like the other.

Bradalee Bradalee says...

Both shows are fun comedies that revolve around a group of girls who partake in club activities. The clubs may be wildly different from one another, but the characters, comedy and tone are very similar in each show.

Free! - Iwatobi Swim Club

Free! - Iwatobi Swim Club

When Haruka, Makoto, Nagisa and Rin were in elementary school, they swam together in a relay race and won the match. As Rin was on his way to Australia to train to become an Olympic champion, the gang decided to bury their trophy in a time capsule and retrieve it when they all had grown up. Now, Haruka, Makoto and Nagisa have reunited in high school and decide to dig up the prize. But on the way there, they run into none other than Rin, and he's determined to show Haru who's the best! As a result of this fateful meeting, the three friends decide to start a swim club, along with fellow classmate Rei, and their rival's little sister Gou as the team manager. Can the gang hold their own against Rin and prove their skills at the Prefectural Tournament?

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Reasons you might like Free! - Iwatobi Swim Club...

Ailly Ailly says...

Free! is basically a genderswapped K-On! with swimming instead of music. Both anime are about a group of friends starting a club and encountering all sorts of problems that come along with it. The animation style is very similar (which is a given, since they're done by the same studio) and feature all kinds of adorable, cute characters.

Sianeka Sianeka says...

I thought I would be the only oddball who thought of K-On while watching Free! Especially since I wasn't especially fond of K-On! nor did I find the characters especially appealing.  The boys of Free! are much more to my taste.

However, if you enjoyed the camaraderie of the characters teaming up together and the K-on gang's all-for-one group dynamic, you will enjoy the Iwatobi Swim Club's member bonding and friendship development as well.

Both anime feature a group of friends whose ties to one another grow stronger through their involvement with their school club activity, and feature the slice-of-life stories that occur as the story of their club's evolution evolves.

A special bonus: even though both anime have a similar feel in animation since they share the same animation studio, Free! adds some outstanding swimming dynamics and animation that makes common everyday water look absolutely gorgeous and stunning.

If you enjoyed watching the K-On friends together, and want to see a group of guy friends together the way the K-On girls interact, then I think you really will enjoy watching Free! as well.

4nime4ddict 4nime4ddict says...

Both anime are about a group of friends beginning a club together and being the best friends they can be!