Custom Lists

Anime I want my girlfriend to seeby MordredMS

I really must have her see these at one point or another.

My Favourite Animeby spennamonsumo

The best anime I have seen (in my opinion) and would recommend them to anyone looking for something to watch. (Alphabetical order apart from top 10)

Shows Better than They Soundby Bacon41

Shows that, after you describe the plot to your friend, they stare at you with a blank look on their face. You have to say "just trust me on this, it's actually really good" before they'll even consider it.

Most Heart Warming Animeby Amyhasfriends

anime that makes you feel like a big fluffy marshmallow inside

My Top Animeby CrunderDunder

These anime are my absolute favorites of all time and across all genres. They are not in order.

TBWby evamesaz

what i'll watch next