K-On! Ura-On!

DVD Special (7 eps x 3 min)
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When they aren’t rehearsing, what are the girls of the Keion-bu really up to? While Yui spends countless hours pondering what Mio’s forehead looks like or how Mugi’s eyebrows move, Ritsu terrorizes everyone with her camera. From discussing Mio’s underwear and what Yui was like as a child to deciding what kind of animal everyone would be, there’s no shortage of conversation to entertain the girls of the light music club.

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Rbastid Jan 5, 2015
Score 1/10

As if the first season of K-On didn't feel like 90% filler as it is, they decided to make short little clips about the girls favorite activities, joy. Story - 1/10 Each episode focuses on three aspects of the girls, Yui's daydreaming, Ritsu's photography, Mio's underpants (shows the tone of these dumb little clips) It's one joke repeated three times, it gets old after the first time. Even when it... read more

Fragacide's avatar
Fragacide Sep 13, 2010
Score 2.5/10

I gave this a 2.5. Not only on this review, but on my own personal page. I did so because I found this little extra tid-bit to be only slightly entertaining, but it got quite old after the first few. If you are a die-hard K-On! fan, you may enjoy it, but I personally found it lacking in not only the humor that the series is known for, but in the animation style. It's suppose to be that way, all cute and... read more

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