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K-On!! Special

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4.159 out of 5 from 2,760 votes
Rank #438


When Mugi gives the girls some souvenirs from one of her trips abroad, the members of the Light Music Club decide that what they all need is their own trip overseas. Having just returned from the summer festival and with college entrance exams looming, the gang decides that the best thing to do is to wait and have their trip after graduation as a special retreat for the whole club. With the prospect of something to look forward to, Yui, Mio and the others all begin excitedly planning their vacation, but first they need to sort out their passports and decide on somewhere to go.

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Name Role
Yukiko HORIGUCHI Character Design
Hajime HYAKKOKU Music
Kakifly Original Manga Creator

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2. ULTIMATE ANIME RANKING Xplayer 260 Jan 22, 2014
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K-On Leslie1984 0 Dec 31, 13
March 12 Watchlist FrootyTooty 0 Mar 7, 12
Xenorsek watched K-On!! Special at 1 of 1 episodes
themenda rated the K-On!! Special anime 4/5 stars
Serille wants to watch K-On!! Special
andedy rated the K-On!! Special anime 5/5 stars
andedy watched K-On!! Special at 1 of 1 episodes

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