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Okay, so k Project. . . was pretty good.  I look at the length of anime, and often times 12 episodes is not enough to get much done.  However K Project was suprisingly good.  It covered a full story with plenty of twists for a 12 episode series.  The only reason I didnt give this a 10 was because there was a lot of lore that they didnt cover ( 3 whole clans werent included).  However they are making a movie called " the lost kings" so hopefull that will cover everything that was not in the series.  

I was skeptical about it at first, the first 3 episodes left you with nothing but questions.  However it started picking up very quickly.  Suddenly things are getting crazy and little bits of information are being let out until. . . bam the tip top of the climax.  Truly great story.

Story:  Fantastic, gave it a 10 because it earned it.  Especially for a 12 episode series it was well done with good pacing.

Animation: Great, I only wish I had watched in better res, but I supposed I should buy the anime to do that.  It was worth watching so I will probably buy it after I buy a bunch of others on the chopping block :P

Sound:  Sometimes the music did not match the scene.  For example combat music seemed too mellow at times.

Characters:  Great characters, especially with the voice actors that were chosen to play the roles.  I have yet to see an anime that can build a characters profile in less then about 15 minutes and then make you want to cry  when he bites it big.  Seriously

Overall:  please go watch this one.  If you are looking for something nice to watch right now that isnt too long but is pretty satisfying then this one is for you.

10/10 story
10/10 animation
7/10 sound
9/10 characters
9.5/10 overall
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Lets do a bit of a role call:

  1. main character with no idea whats actually happening around him, also he hasd a lot of hidden powers - check

  2. silent, strange, samurai character who basically becomes a bodyguard -check

  3. cute little cat, who si actually a girl with special powers – check

  4. the girl is naked half the time and they dont have the balls to make it uncensored – check

And as you can all see, we have the most common recipe for a mediocre anime. Well, at least they had the budget part right.

Story: starts out decent, looks interesting. Fullwith logical loopholes. Example: our samurai wants to kill the main character because thats his misson and stops because he is fucking hungry!! I am not making this up. Half az episode is a chase and they stop to eat! Seriously….The ideas they have are not bad. But everything feels so random. hey knew that so aspects were interesting, like the amnesia part or the cat/girl with the cool powers, but they didnt know how to include them. Things just appear out of the blue. The ideas were good, but they were lazy to create a truly coherent story. It was for the money, not to create something of artistic value. A bit about the ending: SPOILER ALERT – the whole thing is a logical mess: the silver king is supposed to be eternal and immortal, so even when his body is destroyed, his soul should inhabit something.  Somewhere I read that there will be a sequel,they probably planned to reintroduce the silver king in a new body(probably with amnesia again), buti f it doesnt happen, then the ending of K will be one of the most illogical and stupid ones out there. You have a rival, Berserk! 4/10

Animation: Really interesting. Usually when they make something this vivid and colorful, they go over the top and ruin it(No Game No Life – LSD nightmare), but herethey somehow managed to balance it just right and it doesnt become annoying or cause headaches. . They are obviously capable of creating great scenes, altough sometimes they dont. Small portions of fight scenes for example are awesome, but most of it is uncoreographed and confusing. Example: blue and red ’’army”  fight against eachother. One scene, both clans are grouped together, next scene is about individual fights and suddenly they are grouped together again. Im pretty sure they didnt have the money to create proper fight scenes, so they used what they had to make short scenes that looked good and the rest is basically filler, but still. If you dont have money, dont animate something this uncoreographed. Cut to the main characters and make them talk about the weather or something, just dont show a bad fight.  So altough the animation is good, it didnt nearly live up to its true potential. Same feeling here as with the story. Good resources, good ideas, but they did not think it through well enough, they just wanted fast money. 7.5/10

Sound: pretty good, but nothing special. 7/10

Characters: As I said before the characters are very cliche. They are there not because common sence dictates i tor because of some causality like FMA, they are just there to be there. This can be hard to understand, buti f you watch it, you wil understand. Some characters just appear out of nowhere, like the cat/girl and there is no logical reason behind it. So basically same problem as with the story and animation. Altough the characters could have worked well together, they dont. Another problem is the main charcater, who is very weak. The red king is probably the most interesting one. They knew this(thats why the anime starts out with him and not Shiro). 4/10

Overall: Its pretty fun, good to look at, buti t feels as though they didnt even try to make something epic. Its the anime version of a B action movie. Pretty short, so if you have nothing to do, its good for a watch, just dont have any expectations towards it. It is what it is and nothing more. The ending is horrible, the whole story is (most people say its a mess, but its actually pretty straight-forward), illogical and out of the blue many times. The characters are likeable, but all cliche and the main character is bad. The anime is not addictive at all. Still, as I said, the action is there, the color are vivid, the whole anime is good to look at, also its short with 13 episodes, so it might be worth a watch if you have a boring afternoon. I cant really compare it to anything, because its put together out of many ideas. The story is probably closest to Eden of the East, it has a feeling of Fate in it too because of the animation and different magic powers+swordfights. Overall, mediocre score of 5.5/10, but this is as a critic. If you turn off you brain and watch it as it should be watched, its actually fun.

4/10 story
7.5/10 animation
7/10 sound
4/10 characters
5.5/10 overall
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K or K Project as known by the majority of people has SO many things good about it. Sure it's only 13 episodes long but it's 13 episodes of pure epicness. You might not understand the story from the beginning but you have to watch the whole thing to understand it. The plot is very well made and the characters are all unique and different. And don't get me started on the graphics either, easily the best graphics I've seen on ANY anime I've watched so far. The only complaint I may have about it is the rushed plot. In the manga it seemed more slow and easygoing but the anime was a little too fast paced. But it's still greatness.

So if you're looking for an anime that includes A LOT of action, a GREAT plot, AWESOME characters, KICKASS powers and a TON of epicness, K is where you should go.

10/10 story
10/10 animation
8/10 sound
9/10 characters
10/10 overall
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Initially, the anime feels sort of like a mystery story.  The central figure's character is developed pretty well but then it changes drastically which can and does leave the viewer feeling a bit lost because it does a couple things.  It plays down the aspects before the change way too much and it doesn't build up or develop the changes enough either.  Anime frequently has the same problems understanding a good story and good story development.  This show sadly is no exception and the cause for most of its negative aspects.  Most of the other clan characters are centered around and developed about violence and or conflict, though there are attempts feeble as they maybe to show socialble friendship elements. It is a nice effort, however it can feel forced or somehow disconnected from the rest of the story and characters.  One problem there is, the main social character is gone from the show before the events of the series start and only appears in flashbacks.  The issue here is, all the things he said, did, and displayed to his friends in the Red clan, seem to have vanished the moment he died so, all his efforts and friendliness feel totally wasted.  Likewise the way the viewer is frequently lost or left hanging throughout the story is very frustrating.  Though you are sort of rewarded, but at the same time, there are too many things left either unresolved or unanswered so that viewers never really feel fully in sync with the story.  The most interesting characters are the black dog guy, the character they want revenge for by the red clan, the prechange main character, the guy who left the red clan to join the blue clan, and the blue king.  To lesser degrees but also worthy of note are the blue clan's second in command, the hearless woman, and the red king.  Sad to say but none of the other characters are developed solidly or strong enough to form satisfactory connections to the audience.  The psuedo girl friend of the prechange main is somewhat noteworthy, but because too much is left blank about her and she is left basically hanging as the series closes, she misses the mark.

(Spoiler) ** One of the biggest problems with the anime centers on the apparent central villain, the colorless King, whom the viewers meet and see portrayed as a bad guy in the very first episode.  At the end of the series, when it is revealed what the nature and abilities of this King are, they contradict what is said about the Kings in general relative to the main King, because the over powered skills given to the 7th King render the so called rules about all the kings null and void since he is given skills equal to or better than the main king, which the anime at the same time says is impossible.  It is impossible in two ways one in how long it suggests the 7th king could exist and the second in that it doesn't alter any as is suggested when each new 7th King is created.  Though the skills mentioned, the colorless king does technically merge with new life forms and according to rules established earlier, should then take on new qualities.  Essentially, it doesnt balance out the antagonist well because no solid weakness is suggested save one that contradicts the powers and skills of the main king.  Bottom line, it makes no sense and they foul up the antagonist's creation.  The animaters apparently wanted a challenging enemy, but they forgot to balance that out with practical weaknesses, what they gave him isnt very practical nor balanced.  (Spoiler**)

This strays from other animes the way it handles the antagonist because usually super powers are balanced out with some kind of trade off which is usually also a weakness to balance their strengths.  it also strays from every other king, even the main king the way trade offs and weaknesses are counter balanced to some degree by strengths.  Like most animes, the story, many of the characters, the plot, and animation are all promising but undercut by their errors mostly related to mechanics neccessary and taught in most American schools in such classes as English Composition, but perhaps absent from Japan.  It is the only way I can explain to myself how so many animes mess up in the exact same areas.

5/10 story
8/10 animation
7/10 sound
4/10 characters
6/10 overall
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Shows with a gratuitous amount of detail within the development of the story and the development of multiple characters are usually standard fare within the anime medium. However, it’s all too common that the run time for most of those shows are usually cut to a single twelve-episode season. It’s not impossible to tell the full story at a satisfactory level with limited run time. However, most writers run out of time and take shortcuts, which leave most of the audience disappointed. Unfortunately, when there’s too much of a focus on exposition to move the plot more quickly, it’s less likely to resonate with the viewer. K is a show with only twelve episodes (so far anyway), too many characters to develop, and a story that should require a lot of exposition. Thankfully, the writers managed to handle all the hurdles very well, putting together a resonating and action-packed show that’s so much fun to watch.

Our protagonist, Yashiro Isana is a seemingly normal and free-spirited high school boy who usually spends his time being out of the roof of the school and sometimes leaving the school without permission. However, his “normal” life is turned upside down when a video of him murdering someone and calling himself “the colorless king” surfaces. Despite not having any recollection of the video, the Red Clan, Blue Clan, and Kuro (who’s mission is to hunt down the Colorless King and slay him if he turns out to be evil) are all after him. Yashiro, now having to find a way to prove his innocence and get to the bottom of the murder, is bound to learn much more about the Clans that are after him, why he was supposedly framed, and who he actually is.

It takes more than three episodes to really make sense of everything that’s happening and why. It get’s explained later on that there are factions in the city that Yashiro resides in; the most notable in this show are HOMRA (The Red Clan) and SCEPTER 4 (The Blue Clan). Each of these Clans have their own unique power, such as The Red Clan’s power manipulate fire. The reason why HOMRA, which operates with a street gang mentality, wants him dead is because the person that was killed was one of their members. SCEPTER 4, which operates more like a police force, are after Yashiro for justice and to protect the community from future harm. Both Clans have also been at odds with each other for generations, as there are always fights that break out between the two in broad daylight. Adding more insult to injury, a former member of the Red Clan caused more tension between the two by joining forces with the Blue Clan. There are at least three significant characters, including the kings of both Clans, that get an ample amount of development.

Nobody’s motivations feel contrived and everything is genuine, from Mikoto’s (The Red King) passion for wanting to avenge his fellow comrade to Seri’s (third in-command of SCEPTER 4) tight friendship with Izumo (second in-command of HOMRA). The only problem is that there seems to be more to explore and it’s possible that once the second season is produced, there will be more to elaborate. However, for one season, it was satisfactory enough.

Shiro’s story is harder to get into without spoiling major plot points that take up about half of the enjoyment factor. All that can be said is that the mystery of him being the “Colorless King” is a shadow that is cast upon him. All the more complicated is that Kuro, a no-nonsense samurai, is hell-bent on killing him as part of his mission. However, he decides to keep an eye on Shiro to give him a benefit of a doubt and give him the opportunity to prove his innocence.

Shiro is also followed along by a cat that can turn into a beautiful girl, named Neko. She has the power to manipulate people’s senses and [insert spoiler here]. For a reason explained later in the series, Neko has an undying love for Shiro and is always trying to protect Shiro because he is her owner (y’know…because she’s a cat…yeah). Neko may be the only character that will rub the audience the wrong way because, in the grand scheme of things, she is basically playing the part as Shiro’s submissive pet and she (who is also always naked) is supermodel pretty. The otaku’s will probably love her though.

If there’s one theme that will resonate with the viewer, more than anything, is selflessness. Again, that can’t even be elaborated enough because of spoilers. The plot builds up very nicely by the time the climax arrives. The ending pretty much set the show to new heights from a show that was fun to watch from an action-thriller standpoint to practically emulating the theme of Jesus Christ’s crucifixion and everything that led up to it and afterwards. Yes, that may be a very bold statement to make but with an ending that was executed the way this was executed, there had to be theme in mind, stating that everyone should stop fighting and be more Christ-like. That’s not to say that this is for Christians, but it’s a universal lesson that everyone can and should get behind.

The animation, handled by Studio GoHands, is breathtaking. All fight scenes, in particular, are animated fluidly with a lot of stylistic emphasis on the powers that the different clans use. Rarely are corners cut, nor are the character movements stagnant. The art design for the characters seem very plain to an extent because there seems to be minimal variation on the faces. The hair and eye colors and designs are nice as well of the clothes. However, the art as a whole is pleasing to the eye with the color scheme and detail that allows the characters to blend into the lovingly rendered backgrounds. CG also mixes in so well that it’s not even that noticeable.

The music is also spot on with a bunch a hip hop tracks and heavy metal riffs used appropriately to get the audience pumped up for another fight that’s about to go down. The soundtrack has a diverse collection of hip-hop, rock, and house music to fit in with the technological setting of K, with every track used effectively without necessarily standing out. The English dub is also performed well across the board. Special praise goes out to Sam Riegal (Yashiro), Todd Haberkorn (Izumo), and Keith Silverstein (Mikoto: The Red King) for their standout performances. The script tends to stumble from time to time, especially when an actor is saying a long line or has to speak fast to match lip flaps. It’s probably not surprising when there’s so much dialogue in this show that has to be adapted. Thankfully, awkward line delivery is minimal.

K manages to fill in all the right holes in a short amount of time with perfect pacing, an engaging trill of a story, and an ending that captures the spirit of altruism. There was apparently a movie that was released back in July and there will be a second season coming sometime in 2015. All that is great to know because, despite already having a satisfying ending, K has so much more to offer and explore in the setting. This is an action thriller for the masses that should not be missed.

8/10 story
9/10 animation
8/10 sound
9/10 characters
9/10 overall