Def118's avatar By Def118 on Aug 30, 2014

Well, having just finished K i thought that i would write this review while it was still fresh in my mind. It was a great experience but it did have a few flaws that were evident as you continued to watch it.

Story 7

The story was pretty interesting and I think that it would make an interesting universe, however, we are talking specifically about the anime here and not about the K universe. The story did have a few gems in it but it was riddled with inconsistancies and I feel that it didnt cover as much as I would have expected it to cover which leaves you wanting more.

Animation 9.5

The animation is a-maze-ing! The fight scenes are well executed the character designs are great and not to mention the beautifully crafted landscapes. The powers that the characters use are coloured according to the clan that they belong to which makes for a great differential between the different factions, they also make for a badass display of SUPERPOWERS!!

Sound 8

The OP and ED didnt really strike me as anything special at first but as you watch on you learn to appreciate these things as they suit the anime very well. You feel that as the story developes the OP kind of accounts for it. The anime is accompanied by great compositions that add a different feel to each situation, the fight scenes especially.

Characters 6

Now the characters fell short in my opinion, they lacked a certain glow. There was evidence of development as well but from an anime like this, a lot more could have been done. I thought that a character like Neko wasnt needed and was just there for some form of fanservice. All in all the characters werent amazing but they werent all that bad, they have some fun moments which would probably induce a giggle or two.

Overall 7.7

I did like this anime but i do question its rewatch value, however, I would recommend it to anyone looking for something light-hearted and comedic but serious at the same time. Plus, the visuals really draw you in.

7/10 story
9.5/10 animation
8/10 sound
6/10 characters
7.7/10 overall
marisaaaa's avatar By marisaaaa on Aug 2, 2014

The anime is only 12 eps long, but even though it's so short, it was done pretty good. This anime got me from the first minute and I really enjoyed watching it. In these 12 episodes, it has a story developement equal to a 100-something anime with plot twists at the right places, illustrated in beatiful visuals and perfect music (I love the opening!). The characters are great too. A few minus points for the story, because some kings and their clans weren't introduced at all and then there's this open end, which leaves everything else to our imagination... I really hope that they make a second season.

8/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
9.5/10 overall
theSentinel's avatar By theSentinel on Aug 2, 2014

Okay, so k Project. . . was pretty good.  I look at the length of anime, and often times 12 episodes is not enough to get much done.  However K Project was suprisingly good.  It covered a full story with plenty of twists for a 12 episode series.  The only reason I didnt give this a 10 was because there was a lot of lore that they didnt cover ( 3 whole clans werent included).  However they are making a movie called " the lost kings" so hopefull that will cover everything that was not in the series.  

I was skeptical about it at first, the first 3 episodes left you with nothing but questions.  However it started picking up very quickly.  Suddenly things are getting crazy and little bits of information are being let out until. . . bam the tip top of the climax.  Truly great story.

Story:  Fantastic, gave it a 10 because it earned it.  Especially for a 12 episode series it was well done with good pacing.

Animation: Great, I only wish I had watched in better res, but I supposed I should buy the anime to do that.  It was worth watching so I will probably buy it after I buy a bunch of others on the chopping block :P

Sound:  Sometimes the music did not match the scene.  For example combaty music seemed too mellow at times.

Characters:  Great characters, especially with the voice actors that were chosen to play the roles.  I have yet to see an anime that can build a characters profile in less then about 15 minutes and then make you want to cry  when he bites it big.  Seriously

Overall:  please go watch this one.  If you are looking for something nice to watch right now that isnt too long but is pretty satisfying then this one is for you.

10/10 story
10/10 animation
7/10 sound
9/10 characters
9.5/10 overall
Amefuri's avatar By Amefuri on Jan 8, 2013

This anime oozed style and elegance.  If you're looking for a visual enticing series, this is a good one.  Great character design, beautiful scenes and pacing.  The opening scene in the first episode hooks you right away and the music blends seemlessly with the visual atmosphere while not being distracting or overpowering.  Many of the themes had that Yoko Kanno esque feel to them.

Unfortunately, I wish I could continue my praise to the series but the story left you wanting.  Don't get me wrong, I was entertained and intrigued throughout but this would have done better as a 26 episode anime with a more fully-fleshed out plot.  Instead it felt rushed and you only really got to scratch the surface of what seemed like compelling and deep characters.

Well compelling aside from Neko, I found her to be obnoxious and a tad uneccessary.  She's kind of a mary-sue with an unexplained wealth of power that allows her to neatly tidy plot holes or cause conflict where none was needed.  Her crashing the helicopter was like the hyjinx of a road runner cartoon.

Its certainly not for those who require all loose strings tied up but overall, I really did enjoy the series and just wish it had been allowed to decant properly.  It has a lovely, artistic quality and the captivating characters and casual air give it a cool, abstract vibe I haven't seen much of since of Cowboy Bebop.

6.5/10 story
9.5/10 animation
9.5/10 sound
7/10 characters
8/10 overall
AnimeEmma99's avatar By AnimeEmma99 on Sep 9, 2014

The tears I cried when this was over...
I like to make my review short, sweet, and down to the point. If you want to know about the plot of this anime -- read what anime-planet wrote. (I say it's well written).

The animation: HOLY HELL, I loved it. The action in this anime will make your jaw drop! The art style is beutiful, so much work was clearly put into this anime.

Sound: Good back ground music, nothing very special but better then average

Characters: Soo loveable. They really did do a wonderful job with going into detail with the back stories without having to take episodes to explain.

Overall: Its a great anime. I really am glad I watched it. Trust me when I say the story will have you wondering till the very end. BUT (theres always a but) as much as I loved the ending -- I feel like it could have been better (and I'm not just saying that becuase of you know what).

Yes, I definetly think that if you are looking for a mystery that will have you guessing to the end, and action thats over the top amazing, characters who have are both strong and their own, and you want a bit of a supernatural twist?


9/10 story
10/10 animation
7/10 sound
8/10 characters
9.3/10 overall