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Japan has reclaimed its former glory under the guidance of Kings, charismatic individuals wielding incredible powers. But now, one of the Red King's vassals has been murdered, and a viral video shows the killer's confession at the scene. He is one Yashiro Isana, claiming to be the Colorless King; and he is now a wanted man - not only to the Red King's faction, but also the Blues charged with keeping the peace. He is even sought by Kuroh Yatogami, a knight of the former Colorless King sworn to slay any unworthy successor. Only, the subject of their struggle, "Shiro", is a nondescript young man living an unremarkable life in an island academy, and seems to have no recollection of killing anyone. To keep his life, Shiro must prove his innocence; but what is the truth behind his mysterious past, and what will be the outcome of this confrontation of Kings?

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theSentinel's avatar by theSentinel on Aug 2, 2014
Score: 9.5/10

Okay, so k Project. . . was pretty good.  I look at the length of anime, and often times 12 episodes is not enough to get much done.  However K Project was suprisingly good.  It covered a full story with plenty of twists for a 12 episode series.  The only reason I didnt give this a 10 was because there was a lot of lore that they didnt cover ( 3 whole clans werent included).  However... read more

Donjokeru's avatar by Donjokeru on Oct 28, 2014
Score: 8/10

niente sangue nessun osso nessuna cenere <3 Anime bellissimo, anche se non so il perchè                                                                                          ... read more

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